Friday, November 27, 2009

Where Are You

Where are you?
Are you sleeping still? Yeah, right!
Are you at Target?
Are you at Best Buy?
Are you at Michael's?
Are you at Penny's?
Are you at any number of other stores that wait for this day all year long?

Yesterday I was flabbergasted when I saw Michael's was starting on Thanksgiving Day at five in the afternoon.
I then heard a local , wonderful by the way, scrapbook store was open last night with all kinds of special activities and offerings.

I am home, reflecting on yesterday's indescribable Thanksgiving event that my dear friend , Bonnie, had at her home. I have lots of pictures but my camera might have been left at her home. Imagine that. It might also just be in the car BUT my honey is still sleeping and I don't want to open the garage door and awaken him. I did, however, want to post a little note as a reminder to myself about my thoughts.

1. It was amazing- the meal, the crafts, the decorations, the people, the care with which all was executed.

2. I felt sad- It was the first Thanksgiving without my mother.
My dad was ugly to me right before we took him to my friends. I imagine this was also due to it being his first Thanksgiving without my mother.
He was also not getting around very well and has been declining a little more of late.
Chandler was with his mommy Ria ( which was fine )- just that last year he was with us in Tennessee at my dear Suzanne's house.
I was grateful--Grateful we did not need to worry about Chandler's safety.
Grateful that we have such caring and wonderful friends.
Grateful for all we have.
Just plain Grateful.
But I was also sad. Sad I did not have my family in tact like my friend.
But there came the Grateful again. Grateful that I recognized my feelings and acknowledged them. By so doing I did not allow the emotion to own me and rob me of my joy.I did not beat myself up.
I allowed myself to mourn the fact that we are ,
of course, grieving the sadness of Amber's choices to give us up and
be on the course she has taken.

I am grateful right now that my honey has awakened and we will drink some coffee and get going on our day which includes way too many things but one of which is we will be out later doing our part for Black Friday. We have a BMX Bike to purchase. I don't know of anything more fun to have under a Christmas tree than a new bike! Well, maybe a puppy but thankfully that was not on the list----trust me----if he thought there was any way that would happen it would have been the only thing on the list. Smile.

There will be pictures---- I will find that camera!
Another thing for which to be Grateful!
May I remind myself every single day of the year to think of one thing for which I am GRATEFUL-
Today I will start with you, whoever you are reading these words of mine. Hugs-CeCe

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Hugs right back to you CeCe!