Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not a Wordless Wednesday

An entire week has gone by and I have not posted.
An entire week has gone by and I am still trying to figure out what to post.
An entire week has gone by and here are a few things that have happened-

I picked up my printing order for a December delivery and it was wrong. I did this on last Friday and failed to check it when I picked it up. I made the assumption it would be correct. I discovered it was not correct on Saturday. They are not open on the weekends.
I beat myself up a little ( just a little ) for not checking it at the time of delivery. I had to wait till they opened on Monday to take it back before being able to leave to drive up north. It is now being fixed but not without some reflection of my demeanor----thus the pondering about what to post.
I had to make two trips to the printers when I first took my order. My husband had to scan a sheet for me that I had failed to get in the package to take to the valley. The first trip to the printers was one that went well, or so I thought. Detailed notes were taken about the order. The person taking the notes could even say what I wanted done before I could say it as he remembered me from years past. I have been having them do this job for about five years now.
Second visit to printer: I did not know with whom I had spoken to on the first visit. I explained to the gentleman talking to me this time about my order and that this was another page that needed to be printed and placed at the back. I told him the gentleman that I had placed the order with knew I would be bringing it. I don't remember what I said or how I said it but he put his hands in the air and said he was sorry but he did not know about my order. I was a little surprised as I looked at him and realized he thought I was angry with him. I was not angry, did not think I acted angry, etc.

When I took back the order on Monday morning, who should come to the front to help me but the second gentleman. He again, sort of acted like --- like what?? I can't figure it out. He didn't say it was my fault but there was something about the way HE acted that made me start questioning the way I am acting----- Am I putting off angry vibes all the time? I certainly thought I was feeling better. I certainly thought I was making more progress with my emotions. I certainly thought-----

Good news or is it? Chandler has a very large Calcium growth on the upper part of his left arm. Grandy had discovered it when he was about eight. We were all frightened. He was seen by a specialist and Amber informed us that it was not serious in terms of danger and he did not have to have it removed if it did not bother him. We were to "watch" it. She gave Chandler the choice of having it removed. At the time,Grandy and I thought it should be removed right then and there, while he was young as one heals more rapidly in youth. Yesterday I took him back to see the Dr. Well, lo and behold, I was told the same thing Amber was told--guess she told that story straight. We are to keep watching it as the Dr. thinks the risks involved in surgery are not worth the benefits since he is in no pain. There is also the possibility it could grow back.

I washed my cell phone. After I washed it, Chandler and I dried it off and yesterday morning I had it in my hand to take to the car ( only have a car charger right now ) to be charged. Well, it obviously never made it to the car to be charged but I can't find it anywhere else either. I have even looked in the refrigerator. It is sort of funny to me what anxiety can be caused these days by not having a cell phone in one's possession!! This incident is all too familiar with my mode of operation. I need to make better choices. I need to choose to do one thing at a time!!!!!

Randy is on painting duty. Painting duty got interrupted with the discovery of a leaking water heater. Over the past weekend, before I left to drive back to Pinetop, we got the back two bedrooms and bathroom walls painted so he could get the last coat of paint on the trim. It is looking refreshed and I am loving the white trim. There is still so much to do and I don't need water heaters getting in the way of Randy's paint detail!!!
I still get in a state over the size of the house, the upkeep, the need to refurnish----bla, bla, bla.........

We continue to have the opportunity for learning about controlling our thoughts and not allowing others to disturb our peace.
Right before I left the valley, on Monday morning, Randy tells me to guess who he has gotten an email from. I never guessed the right person. He finally told me, Sandra, his sister.
Just when we were having a little break from Amber drama------------------
To make a long story short, Randy's sister lives in Texas. Years ago we helped move his parents out of their home in Odessa, Texas, to an assisted living place in Fort Worth. Randy's dad had had a series of small stokes which made him unable to drive, care for himself, etc. Randy's sister lives in Fort Worth. As it turned out, from the time they were moved there, Sandra paid her living expenses out of the parents checking account, unbeknown to anyone. Randy's mother died during this time and a few months later Randy got a call from Sandra, telling him she had spent all of the parents money ( she had even taken the dad's last five dollars out of his wallet) and there was no more money left to care for his father. She had gone on gambling trips and gambled all the money away. There are many other sideline, HORRIBLE stories related to this segment of our lives but you get the picture. We went to Fort Worth, packed up the dad, brought him to AZ to live until he died.
The email was just another jab in the mind ------

Randy had a security system installed up here so it has helped me relax a little.

I think Maria told me yesterday that she had a call from a detective saying Amber's attorney was plea bargaining for only probation and no jail time. I am not positive about this as I was driving and not listening well--this was all on Chandler's phone---remember-mine is missing. Smile.
I also think today is her court date. I will have to check with Randy and get back to you on this.

I am now reading the Anita Shreve novel, Eden Close. It is just as captivating as the other novels I have read by her recently.

Nine: It is time for me to get to work on making smile tags. I am going to try very hard this week to put more smiles on my face instead of just on my business tags.

Ten: This is really a P. S.
I just found my phone!
Another reason to smile today.
It was in my robe pocket. I put my robe on to take out the trash as I am still in my flannel nightgown. I felt something in the pocket---
Now I remember , yesterday morningI put on my robe and went to the car to turn it on so it would warm up before getting in it to take Chandler to the bus stop. I forgot to take it out of my pocket and plug it in to be charged.


Chia said...

Glad you found your phone.Life always seems to have a way of righting itself if we can manage to hang on and give it time to work out. That can be mighty hard but at least while the going is tough we can hold on to the hope. Bad vibes, I hope they were the other guys and not yours. Try hitting the reset button (placing a smile on your face if you feel it or not for a moment) before walking into a new place, answering the phone, etc. Sometimes it helps like a splash of cool water on your face or a nice deep breath. And remember, you army of readers is always behind you trying to push you along with loving thoughts.

Judy said...

Senior moment!!! Glad you found your phone!