Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who What When Where Why

WHO: Kelly Amber DuPriest
Birth mother of Chandler Hayden DuPriest
Daughter of Marian Cecelia DuPriest and Randall Thomas Krajcar
X partner of Maria Cuzzecreo
Granddaughter of Hazel Madeline Neill ( now deceased) and Martin Newton Neill
Niece of Gary Eugene Neill
Former friend of many.............

What: Female that exhibits characteristics of a sociopath
Female that abuses drugs
Female with mental problems

When: Unknown.....
It is unknown when the sociopathic behavior began
It is unknown when the female first started using drugs but trouble began as early as twelve years of age. Female might have been 13 when mother found a carton of beer under female's bed.
It is unknown when female's mental problems began....
Was she born with them?
Did they develop throughout her childhood?

Where: Everywhere she is present


Testimony is the latest Anita Shreve novel I finished reading. I completed it last night. If you haven't read it and you enjoy reading this is a must read. It is so cleverly written.
Late tonight, after many hours of painting, I will begin another one. It is sort of fun that I quit reading for awhile and was reminded recently of how much I like her novels. After The Pilot's Wife I read lots of her previous works and then took a break. Now I seem to want to complete reading all of her writings. It is sort of like getting to rent complete seasons of a television series and watching the year's worth marathon style. Fun!
As I have been reading, I have once again been awed by her style. At the end of the book Testimony there is an interview with Ms. Shreve and there is a website listed for her. It just recently occurred to me that my life story might just make a very good basis for one of her fiction novels. I just might contact her. Too bad my story is not ficticious.

Good News: Letter from court arrived awarding us joint guardianship of Chandler. We do not know when Amber was served the papers.
Of course the better news, as I said above would be for all of this to be fiction and for our daughter, Chandler's birth mother , to be someone other than who she is. But Chandler is safe and my husband tells me Chandler being safe is our baseline. Any thing above that baseline is a bonus.


Jack and Cat Curio said...

Congrats on Chandler. I'm glad to hear it....

Brian said...

Just thought you might want to know that your daughter was gunned to death by Henderson, NV police on Monday. She stole a car from my family and for some reason she decided to use the vehicle to come at the cops. She was stuck on a dirt road and her and a male co-hort, who were both very drugged up says my brother whom she stole the vehicle from. The male was the one with the gun, not your daughter. They broke into a VERY upscale home here in Henderson. It's sad and I feel your sorrow but I know this is closure for you and that's all I can say. I feel horrible for you and wish you the best.

CeCe said...

We were contacted yesterday about our daughter. Thank you for your kind comment. Please tell your brother how sorry we are about his vehicle and the entire experience for him. My family is in shock at the moment. While I knew her death was a huge possibility I thiught she would die from an overdose or abusing her body as she had Lupus. This is a classic example of how the misuse of drugs can ruin a life. Once my entire family is informed I am sure I will be posting. Again --- thank you for contacting me. I know you and yours were victims.

Brian said...

I just wanted to follow up and say that we were not the victims. We are not tormented in any way by this. This is circumstance and it is life. I just feel horrible that something that should have been so minimal like stealing a car ended in this way. I know they tried to coax her and Carlos (I believe was his name) out of the car for 45 minutes and I'm sure you have heard the details since. I can't help but feel for you as it was what we felt excessive in their response. I just am really torn up after reading your blog and hearing about what your daughter was going through and just wishing for you and her son that she had yet another chance. I will pray for you and your family and will only wish the best for all of you. God Bless You.

CeCe said...

Once again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are sincerely appreciated. We have pieced together, poorly, some of what happened from reading the online news paper articles and a very brief conversation with the coroner's office and a detective. We were told we would be invited to attend the inquiry, which will not happen until the end of July or beginning of August. I think it will be helpful, for our growth in healing, to better understand what actually happened that night.
I regret you having to comment, on the blog, in order to communicate. My email address is should you have other thoughts. Again, we are grateful your family was not harmed or tramatized by this event.