Monday, May 10, 2010

I Am Happy To Show You

After all those snow pictures 
I am happy to show you
 the wishing well
 looking like springtime!

Instead of shoveling snow 
this past weekend, 
we were shoveling dirt-

These vintage wire baskets, 
planted with Geraniums, 
now flank the front porch. 

Vintage wash tubs
 filled with pretties
flank the front 
of thedriveway 

Pansies of different colors
fill the flower beds
 on each side of the house
by the front steps-

Hanging baskets 
adorn the side porch-
At the end of the day 
we are still not finished-

Seems there can never
be enough flowers-

The deck is scrubbed-
ready for touch up paint---

The Willow furniture 
is ready for cushions---
which were mended and refreshed
 during all those snow months---

We returned home 
Thursday night,
 from our San Antonio trip. 
 From the pictures above
it is pretty easy to tell 
what we did over
 Mother's Day Weekend !

Hope yours was as colorful and beautiful--
Now to keep the beauty multiplying!


Perfectly Paij said...

How exciting!! Finally no more snow. The flowers are beautiful!!

Sweet Sage said...

I'm all for the flowers!
And I'm happy you're back!