Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fabulous Finds

Last week, on Vintage Bliss, I saw this necklace. I immediately wanted it.
Tricia makes the loveliest things.
She delivered it to my doorstep...
Luv it..
Wore it on Saturday to an Estate sale.
When I walked in the people running the sale complimented me on my outfit..
It was the Necklace they were complimenting... Trust me!

This is what my car looked like as I left the Estate sale.
I will show you better pictures later. It is still in the back of my car.
It is a Serpentine dresser, with beveled mirror and the best part---
Original Keys which lock the drawers!!!!!!!!

At the same sale I got yards and yards of this vintage hand crocheted trim. There was a box that said,"Your choice, $1.00. I got two pillowcases and four, yes, four, bunches of this trim. When I checked out the lady said, " Tell you what, I am just going to give you all of the linens for $1.00!!!!!!!!

And this beauty came from another sale.. it happened to be in the most dismal looking trailer. I could not believe it was still there. It, along with two other frames, were the reason I went to the sale.
Someone saw me looking at the frames and he asked the person in charge the best price and bought them before I could.... well, it is alright... I got this one and luv it..  
And those yards and yards of vintage trim have inspired me to try my hand at slip covering a couch.I am going to use the trim around the bottom. I hope I do not end up having to throw my efforts in the trash.Cutting out a slipcover, especially for this couch, is not an easy thing... at least for me. I have been also inspired to try my hand at this from reading a blog entitled Miss Mustard Seed. Take a visit. She is one talented lady.
Hope you have a great Tuesday!


Sweet Sage said...

love Love LoVe the necklace!!
can't wait to see the dresser...
and the AFTER photos of your couch..
the frame is stuNNing, as are the trims ..
Lucky You!!

Dianne said...

the necklace is beautiful and it so looks like you!