Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Changes

 The point of this picture is to show you the blank wall in the dining room.
You might also recognize the table and chairs....
The two leaves are stored in the closet.
All the seat cushions are now covered in burlap and the table is ready to be set.
That will not be happening for awhile as I am too busy working on other projects, like valences for the Master bedroom and bathroom, but more on that later.
While I am on the dining room table and chairs though. As it turns out, my favorite place to look at the chairs is on either side of the vintage ice box behind one of the couches. I just love the way they look there. I will post a picture of this setting later.

The first step in eliminating the empty wall was to dismantle a folding screen I had purchased on one of my fun buying trips to Round Top Texas. If you haven't been to the Marburger Antique show in Texas that happens twice a year... it is a must do thing. You can read more about it here.
After removing the fabric and insets that held the fabric, I was left with the frame above.

 Next came hanging my mother's Haviland china plates in the openings. My husband was given this task and he did a great job ! Truth be told though, I might have him raising the whole venue up about 12 inches. He does not know this yet. I am living with it, for the moment, to make sure it isn't alright as is.
 Close up of the plates
The whole dining room minus the Chandelier that is yet to be hung.. another story in and of itself..

Remember those chairs... 

They looked like this...

And now they look like this!

I wish I had a before picture of this piece.
It was a mess. It was my daughter's when she was a little girl.
It had a mirrored door on it ( which you will see below).
Anyway, the piece was dark walnut. Amber had cut a hole out of the back of the piece as she thought she was going to use it to hold a television. Another piece was cut out of the bottom which totally ruined the look of a drawer.  It was just a mess. The shelves were warped. My husband put on a new back. He cut new shelves. He took the drawer out,that was messed up, above the drawer at the bottom and he removed the door. I started painting the piece and the door. See picture below.

And remember that drawer I said my husband removed?
This is it... It now sits on a shelf as a decorative item.

I best be getting busy on those valences.
Hope your day is a happy one!

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Dianne said...

What a great transformation! I especially love the color of the piece in the corner with all the glaswware. Just beautiful!