Friday, August 24, 2012

Flower Update

Remember the Impatiens,
after the horrible hail
storm? My girlfriend, Dianne,
whose husband owns a landscape
company, told me they would come
back. As you can see, she 
was correct. They are looking
great again. By the way,you can
visit Dianne here...she loves tablescaping.

While the Impatiens came back,
my Asters did not. The storm was just too
much for them. Poor things. Had I been out
in the storm being beaten half to death I might have packed it in myself! I replaced them with Marigolds and so far, even though it has poured down rain for three days straight, they are doing well.

This is an overhead view of part of the yard.
There is a deck off of my studio. I took this
picture to show you my Dalia's. If you look closely, you might see a bloom or two, but nothing like I thought it would look like after all these weeks. Yesterday, I finally googled Dalia's to find out what was going on with them! Remember me saying we have had rain for three days straight? Well,once the monsoon season hit,it seems like we have had as much rain as sunshine. My poor Dalia's blossoms are rotting. I wondered why so many blossoms would never open and just looked brown on the ends. Now I know. I told my husband I thought we should go get some tarps to place over them when we know it is going to pour. When we go back to the valley, I intend to dig them all up and transplant them to a flower bed in Gilbert.
You can also see some mums in the above picture. I planted some small white ones in the window box off the deck of my studio.
There is also a peak of the yellow ones I just purchased. 

This was just for fun!

Just look at the size of these mums!!!
Can you believe it?
They are just gorgeous. I refrained myself and only bought five of them! :) They were only $16.99 each. I couldn't help myself. They are just beautiful and still have lots of little buds that will pop out. These we will plant in the ground before we leave. I was assured they will come back year after year. The gardener told me his have been planted for seven years and every year are just as beautiful.

I have them flanking the steps on the front deck, flanking the driveway as you enter from the street and one on a stump of a pine tree that was removed before we bought the house.
Speaking of Pine trees,I did not know this.Our area here has the largest stance of Ponderosa Pines in the world.
I read that on a menu! Smile....

Another view from above.

In between rains, my honey and I took a walk.One of the streets is backed by National Forest. We spotted these wild horses and I could not resist taking a snap of them with my iPhone. 

And what is this doing in a post about flowers?
I have been seeing lots of bottles across the Internet that have been painted on the inside. They look darling. I am going to try this someday....
When I was shopping in Walmart I accidentally saw Marketside Dressings in bottles that look like little milk bottles... SoLd! Didn't even care if the dressing was good or not. I bought two of them... one for Cole Slaw and one Ranch. Not only are the bottles darling but the dressing tastes yummy as well. So, if you are looking for some cute little milk glass bottles, head out to your local Walmart and look next to the packaged salad greens.It was such a fun find...


Dianne said...

My Daliahs didn't do much here either. Your Mums are beautiful. they will come back year and year, but they will come back much earlier in the summer. They aren't really fall plants, the green houses just force them to be. I always put them in the ground, enjoy them in late Aug and then buy new ones in the fall. It's a never ending cycle. Wild horses! how wonderful! Dianne

Dianne said...

OMG, I had to come back and say THANK YOU for removing word verification! Love you Dianne