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Posted: 18 Aug 2012 03:25 PM PDT

Cindy is in critical condition. It's hour by hour. Please share and pray for her. via Funky Junk Interiors

Sorry to take you away from the weekend link party, however some things are just more important. In fact, this is probably the most important post I've ever made.

Just recently, my nephew's wife Cindy was diagnosed with cancer. We had NO idea. None.

She was admitted last week when the bad news hit. She has choriocarcinoma.

If you google it, you will find it's a cancer that has a good success rate. However, Cindy crashed. There were major complications going wrong faster than you could name them, so they couldn't do radiation right away. It was too late.They quite simply had to save her life first.

While waiting, the cancer spread. She's in critical condition.

Cindy is in critical condition. It's hour by hour. Please share and pray for her. via Funky Junk Interiors

I fired up a post on my facebook HERE, requesting to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. And you did just that. You blew me away in fact! 

My sister and niece flew out in 2 hours notice to be with her. These were my sister's words this AM after seeing the facebook post by all of you:

Donna you are my strength now, this brings tears to my eyes and everyone in this house. It truly did work, there was a thumbs up for chemo when the prayers came our way, uptill then it was very doubtful they could do it. This is so scary, like living a nightmare. Kids are pulling us through this and making us smile and laugh. Hugs and kisses back.

Something changed. They were able to administer chemo! (thanks to you) Everyone was elated! And another round was scheduled.

Cindy also found your messages and said:

"These make my day!!!! Loving all the support, makes everyday easier!"

Cindy swingin' a pink wig!

I caught her on FB jokin' around even! She was preparing to lose her hair and mentioned she wanted a pink wig. A friend brought this little number over for her and she was delighted. LOL!


Something isn't right yet again. This was Cindy's last message on FB moments ago:

"Things are getting worse so we are now going hour by hour. Blood count keeps dropping. I'm continuing on with treatment in case I get that one shot that it works out. Fighting hard for my babies. I love and thank everyone for all their support!!!!"

I feel so utterly helpless. So posting about this is all I could really think of to do to help. I know numbers in prayer make a difference. So here I am.

Cindy is a pure optimist. There isn't much that can get this girl down. She is strong! She's been through a whole lot. She finally got herself into a place with a loving family, a baby girl after a very long wait, a new move to a new home, and now this.

If you would pray for Cindy and keep her in your thoughts over the next little while, I can't tell you how much my family and I would appreciate this.

Would you consider sharing this post? Pinning, whatever it takes? I'm hoping to spread the prayer chain as much as possible. This is about my girl. I want to see her go home to her family.


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