Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roxie's New Dog Carrier

I can't wait to see Miss Roxie when we get
to Florida. She is the cutest little thing!
Brenda, her mom ( I pretend to be her 
Grandmother ) asked me about making her
a new carrier.
Yesterday, that is what the day was all about.
I was using my mom's sewing machine and right
in the middle of the project it crapped ( don't you love that word) out on me. I went straight to the laundry room and retrieved Aunt Mary Helen's 1942 singer sewing machine to finish the job. Luckily, last year, I had it totally serviced so it was ready to go... Isn't it cute? I have the case and even a card table that it will fit in. I might just have to set it up after the much newer machine went hay wire on me. Hate when that happens...
Anyway, on to the fun part...

 This is the front of the bag. I used new and old pieces of fabric, lace and Ric Rac. I had a darling picture of Miss Roxie so I used photo shop to erase out everything but her adorable face. This was the first time I had printed a photo on purchased, ready to go fabric lined with paper, so it easily goes through the printer.  I followed the directions on the package but obviously did not wait long enough to iron the piece, as her name smeared. The second time I did it, I put the printed piece in the dryer. The directions did not say you could do this, but I was in a hurry. It worked just fine.

 This is the back of the carrier...
Vintage doily and vintage button on top 
of new pink chenille and lots of vintage lace sewed on the top of the chenille. All of this was attached to the quilted fabric from which the base of the carrier is made.

The inside of the case is made out of that soft, soft, fluffy, fabric that feels delicious! It looks like little tiny roses everywhere.

 It is hard to tell from this picture but this is the removable bottom from the inside of the carrier. I thought it should be removable so the bag could be washed. The bottom piece has thick cardboard inside to hold the weight of the puppy.

Such a special carrier needed a special wrapping. I embellished a brown bag with many of the elements I used on the tote.
A close up of Miss Roxie. Isn't she adorable?!

A fun project for a fun lady!

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Dianne said...

How sweet of you. Tell Brenda hello from us and pat Miss Roxie for me! Have fun. Love Dianne