Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Tulips

Tulips Speak of Spring

I love them on my dining room table,
centered between many things inherited
from my mom...
Silver candelabras,
lovely linen place mats
 Waterford Easter Baskets.

See the beautiful pitcher that holds them...
Let's take a closer look...

This pitcher is a prized possession.
 In 1891 it was given to my husband's 
Great, Great Grandparent's
as a wedding present.
I am so honored to have it to add
graceful, sentimental beauty
to our home.

The tulips came from my favorite
flower source,
Trader Joe's.
I had to break away today from
my projects and go to the
grocery store.
It actually ended up being 
lots of grocery stores.
I am cooking for
Saint Patrick's Day.
I am trying a new ( new for me, anyway )
cake recipe sent from my Tennessee Special friend,
Will let you know how it turns out and
share the recipe later.

My honey is sick,
and a sick honey means
a needy man.
Poor Thing
He seldom gets sick.

Hope each of you is having a
HeAlThY Day!

1 comment:

Dianne said...

sorry Randy is feeling under the weather. Hope he is back to his normal self ASAP. Your table looks lovely and that pitcher is unbelievable!