Friday, September 6, 2013

From Ugly to Pretty

 Remember this photo from the golf course?
The above one, of course!
 Doesn't look much like this, does it?
This is one side of our backyard in Pinetop...
Pretty, yucky, huh?
The backyard has been ignored, in order
to make the front yard more beautiful...
We did not have a vision for the back
We do not entertain here....
but we never would.
The front has all the
entertaining spaces.
 Seeing those aspens
gave me inspiration..
I was sick of looking at this,
 even though it is only seen
outside our bedroom doors.

So, we are on the move...
Nine Aspens now and one Maple
have been planted in the back. New 
gravel placed all over.
We are waiting on pavers that match
the front patio to make a landing
off the back steps and in the side yard, 
a place for the garbage cans.
All those ugly other terra cotta things 
are out of there!
For now, there is a path from the 
steps, to the gate, made with the vintage round
concrete pavers. 
Not sure if we will keep them. I
might mosaic them or we will put
in a paver sidewalk...
Still thinking about this..
And, of course,
one thing leads to another..

The below, along the street,
in the front, has turned into

This ...
 And I could not resist showing
a picture of some of the roses in
full bloom!

 Hope your life is as fragrant and beautiful
as these roses!

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Dianne said...

I so wish we could have Aspen trees in TN. They are going to be so beautiful there! Dianne