Saturday, September 21, 2013

Practicing in Manual Mode

 I am practicing Manual mode
on my camera.
I took the first class of Photography 101 from
and I highly recommend it.
I love that it is available to me forever.
I plan to take their second class
but I still need to practice what
is taught in the first class.
Today's post was chosen because of a party hosted by
Funky Junk Interiors. See the link at the end of the post.
I decided to practice photographing my
 yellow vintage door turned shelf
 and my whitevintage door
turned into part of our headboard
in Pinetop...
See all those Pine trees...
We have 28 of them in our front yard.

Side View
Even my husband said he loves seeing the
scrolls on the sides when out in the yard.
The door used to be in our pantry.
Now it is on the deck and holds
dishes I use for Mosaic.
It also holds vintage bottles and a what not here or there,
waiting to be transformed.
This was the first picture I took this morning.
I looked at it and my first thought was
Oh My...
I decided it was sort of
I also could not get enough light
in our Master Bedroom
to showcase the Vintage French Door
Turned into our headboard.
I worked with it just a little in PSE
and I also decided I sort of liked the
graniness ( is that a word?! )
Linking up with the party below!

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Dianne said...

So clever! I love the door turned shelf. Did you build that all by yourself? Dianne