Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Do You Think It Is

Why Do You Think It Is ----

That we are so accepting, of the fact, that each one of us looks like no other 


We are so unaccepting, of the fact, that each one of us does not think the same as another 


So many people think the way he/she thinks is the ONLY way to think and so they insist on trying to make others think just like them ---


Judy said...

Because we are human and we are not alike. Many, many influences effect each of us. That makes each of us different from the other.

CeCe said...

Hey Miss JUdy,
I totally agree with everything you said ---
That is the point I was making in the first two lines --
The thing that is daunting, to me, is so many people think the way they think is the only RIGHT way to think, so they insist on trying to change the other person's way of thinking instead of respecting the other person's point of view ---


Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, I think you were inside my head when you wrote this. There is so much drama in my house right now. Why can't sisters just get along and accept the fact that they are raising their children differently? I'm about to go insane. Plus there are a few friends that can keep their opinions to themselves too! And if you're reading this "it's not you".

expose said...


I just read the article about the inquest. It is a lot of information to digest and try to understand. Once again you and Randy handled this terrible information with such grace. You are great people who were handed a challenge. Please do not blame yourself for anything you did, said or didn't do. We as people always want to try to fix bad situations but this was one that was out of our control. Forgive yourself for you did everything you knew was right. Forgive Amber for she knew not what she was doing. I pray for you and Randy everyday. Your blog has touched me in a way that I needed to be touched. Thank you for sharing - PK