Friday, July 2, 2010

Food For My Heart and Food For Their Bodies

Every morning, Randy and I have coffee on the porch -

Every morning, I put out peanuts, some thrown in the yard and some placed on the porch rail ( as seen below )

I am rewarded with the following sights-

- Y-E-S -
this is more than likely
 one of the same squirrels
that chewed to smithereens
that beautiful hammock --

One of our little chipmunks -
If you look hard 
you can see the peanut 
in his mouth

And since some of our critters 
prefer to seek their own sustenance-
We laid out sod 
in the section of our yard
 that holds the wishing well, 
which is seen in many of my photographs.
( We were one strip short 
of having enough -
 thus the blank place you see
 in the first picture below )

There is a bunny hopping around every now and again 
( my favorite creature that shares this space with us )
to date, my bunny has eluded being around
 when I have my camera. 
The bunny seems to be much more shy 
than the rest of the creatures.

Wishing you some
 Great All American Food 
this Fourth of July Weekend

Your food of Thoughts and Prayers
continue to help fill the emptiness in our hearts -

Thank You
 for taking the time to feed us
 with your kindness.

And just a little sideline note-
talked to the Coroner yesterday-
There was NO CANCER found in 
Amber's body.
I was asked not to discuss ,
in a public forum,
 the toxicology results until after
 the inquiry, on July 23rd.


Chia said...

I love the photos, CeCe. You must feel like you've found a slice of paradise up there. The perfect place to relax, breath in, and restore.

M said...

My "wildlife" is sprawled out taking naps on the living room floor. They're not shy about parking themselves under my hand for a good scratch behind the ears!
Happy 4th!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks so calm and serene there.