Monday, June 28, 2010

Because Of My Daughter

Because Of My Daughter

I have cried more tears than any mother should ever have to endure --

-But Then Again -

Because Of My Daughter 

I have smiled more smiles than a grandmother could ever dream of smiling !


Sweet Sage said...

beautiful bEaUTiFuL picture, CeCe.
to be cherished, for sure.
holding ALL of you close in my heart and my constant thoughts ~
LOVE to you ~

M said...

She was a beauty. She looks just like you.Thinking of you and sending many (((((((hugs!))))))

Paris Cowgirl said...

Such a heart wrenching beautiful way to explain the road you traveled with Amber. Thinking of you...Hugs!

80 Porter Toes said...

and a wonderful grandmother you are!!! That is a wonderful picture.