Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can You Have Too Much White?

Second Go Around On Furniture Painting
Originally, I was going to paint some of the furniture the same green that I painted the bottom kitchen cabinets. Got started with the white primer though and could not put anything but white paint on top of it. You probably can't see the twin headboards lying down on the drop cloths. Some of the furniture is already shabbied up and moved inside. It is not in it's final placement but it is completed. Below you will see a few pieces. Others will come in a future post.
I am LoViN white!!!!!

The below wrought iron column was bought on one of my cross country trips with my dear friend Suzanne. I have a garage full of stuff. I am just to the point, on this house, to start pulling things inside from my stash-
Later on, I will show you in more detail the results. It will take a while though --- our current goal is to hopefully have the remodeling done and this place looking like a home again within the year. This sounds like a long time but when one is living in two locations and there are time restraints on when one can be here to work ---- well, you understand ---
I also unpacked a set of vintage rose dishes yesterday ---

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