Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Last Night In The Life Of Kelly Amber DuPriest

What Happened?

Where did the innocence go?

It will be a week tomorrow night that my daughter was killed.
It is five days since I heard the news.
I googled her name the night after hearing of her death, to read online newspaper reports.
I have read those newspaper accounts over and over again. 

My husband had a very brief conversation with the coroner's office. I can remember hearing him ask if there was anything he should be asking -

He had a brief phone conversation with a detective from the Henderson Police Department. When the detective called he told my husband he was returning my husband's call ---
My husband had never called him--

When I google her name now
there are no new articles to read--

There is no more reading information to allow me
to piece together what exactly happened that night --

The reporters have moved on to other stories-

As the shock wears off,
questions have been coming to me--
I am not sure where to get the answers-

We were told there would be an inquiry and we would be invited-
That won't take place until the end of July 
or the beginning of August-

When we were told that, being in shock, we did not think to ask why so much time would elapse before the inquiry -

I am wondering
what even takes place at an inquiry-

Is that when we should ask our questions?
Will we be allowed to ask questions?

I am wondering if the car she drove to Henderson was a stolen vehicle -

Even high on drugs,
( I am wondering when we will get the autopsy report)

I am wondering why in the world she would have driven through the gates of a storage shed facility-

A newspaper account says there was a confrontation with the owner of the storage shed facility-

Was that person hurt at all?
Did that person see a gun?
Did that person call the police?
What time did this happen?

From there the papers say they ended up in the upscale
 gated community with a guard at the gate-
Did they drive through and if so how?
Was this guard involved in calling the police?
Did they not have a car at this point -
Did they jump over a wall and then proceed to enter one of the homes in order to rob it?
Maybe the gate guard never even saw them enter the community-

An article says the owner of the house they were robbing
was notified by the security alarm system agency. It says the owner entered the house,
heard noise
and told them to get out of the house --

Where was the owner of the house that she/he was able to arrive while they were still in the house?
Did the alarm make noise?
Was the owner at the party across the street?
Had police arrived, at this point, or did the owner just enter the house alone?
Did Amber and partner run out a different door than where the home owner was or did they confront the home owner also?
I would have been terrified had I been the homeowner.
Will I be able to apologize for the fear my daughter inflicted?

From what can be pieced together,
they then stole a car from the party going on across the street-
That is when the person, with Amber , pointed a gun at the owner of the car and yelled at him to get out of the car --
I left out the expletive --
Was the owner of the car already in the car when Amber's partner jumped into the passenger side of the car?
Amber was the driver of the car -
Were there other party goers outside witnessing this theft?

Were the police there yet?
From what I can tell they ( Amber and other person ) were caught, in a vacant lot, where they were stuck in gravel,
 at a dead end-
Does this mean they were stuck because they had no where else to go?
Come to think of it, that is what it must mean, 
as if she backed up at them, at a fast rate of speed, 
she could not have been stuck in the gravel.
How far away is the empty lot from where the house was broken into and from where the car was stolen?
Was it in the same gated community ?
Were other homes close to where the end took place?
Did other homeowners witness the event?

There were six police officers on the scene. 
 All accounts report they pleaded with the pair to get out of the car for 45 minutes.
Did all six officers arrive at the same time 
or at different times?
Why would my husband have been told by the coroner's office the gun might have been a pellet gun?
I certainly would not know a pellet gun from a real gun.  
Were either pointed at me,
 both would pose a dangerous threat.

I am just curious as to why
the Coroner's office would not have known
 what kind of gun it was by the time my husband
 was spoken to?
The crimes and killing took place on Monday night. 
 The Coroner talked to my husband on Wednesday. 

As I said in my previous post, I learned it was Amber's partner that was in possession of the gun -
Had he fired it?

Either the detective or the Coroner's office ( I don't remember which ) told my husband Amber and her partner 
said they had explosives.
At what point did they tell the officers this?
Were explosives found?

Was the car surrounded?
Why were officers standing behind the car ?

I am wondering why, in the 45 minutes of pleading, the tires were not blown out ,on the vehicle, so it would not be able to move.

I am wondering why, in the last two years, when my daughter would be arrested locally in Arizona, time and time again,
 the judge would not incarcerate her-
time and time again
she would be let go-

we began to wonder why the police would even take the time to arrest her -
We knew it had to be as frustrating to them as it was to us --

I don't even remember, at last count, how many charges there were against her--

I believe all of her charges were transferred to Navajo County.

Since her killing, I have heard that a Pinetop/Lakeside police officer gave the Navajo County Sheriff's department information that Amber was in Silvercreek.
The story I have heard is-

 The Sheriff's department actually went to the house where Amber was located.
Amber, however, told them she was Maria 
and gave them Maria's social security number. 
While there they checked Maria's social security number, saw there were no warrants out for that person
 and told Amber she was right -- 
she had no warrants and they left.

When the police officer that had given the sheriff's department the information that Amber was in Silvercreek found out about Amber's con he let the sheriff's department know that Maria was NOT in Silvercreek --
Amber had conned them --
it was too late-
When they returned to the house,
Amber was gone ---

I am wondering
Why didn't they ask for a picture I.D.?

I am wondering
Do I have this story straight?
Could this have 

If my questions have sounded accusatory,
I have not meant for them to sound such--


I am just a mother,
wondering about the last night of her daughter's life, 
not sure  where, when, or how 
I will be able to get the answers,
 so I can move on,
 like the reporters have moved on.

And last, but not least --
I am wondering when was the last time she kissed her son,
for she will never kiss him again.


House of Hullabaloo said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Your post is heartbreaking. Please take care. My thoughts are with you and your family

M said...

CeCe, my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope that Amber has finally found the peace that so eluded her in life. It is so tragic for you, for her, for Chandler. Your strength through all of this is amazing. Julia, the pooches and I send you big hugs and wagging tails.

Michael Brandt said...

CeCe, I wish, I wish, I wish... I wish I could could hug you and make you feel better. I wish I could have done something to fill the hole in Amber's heart. I wish I could have said something, done something... I loved Amber. In spite of all the problems, I saw through into the beauty. Inside Amber was the most beautiful person. I saw it. I experienced it. And I'm so so so sad, that my hope of experiencing it again is gone. My only hope left is that her spirit is free of the problems she had in this life; that she is finally free of the torment that led her to...

I can hear her voice as plain as day. I can hear her say my name. She said it like no other. Even when I hadn't talked to her in 10 years, I knew just what she sounded like. I can hear her glad, and sad, and mad. I can hear her in my heart. She was beautiful like no other and the place she holds in my heart will never be replaced.

Dammit, CeCe. Why did the powers that be do this to her, to you, to me. It hurts so bad. I wish I could have made her happy; as a friend, as boyfriend, as anything. I wish everything that everybody did could have made a difference.

I wish that I could hug you and make you feel better.

Amber was my friend. The Amber inside that struggled to get out. I loved her. I've missed her for a long time. And I'm crying that I'm never going to see her again except in my memories.

I wish I could find the words or the actions to make this all better. I wish...

Dede Warren said...

This is absolutely tragic CeCe! I am so sorry for your loss, and for that of your Grandson. I wish I had some words to comfort you, and bring you peace but I don't. Just know that I am thinking of you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayer. I am so sorry that this is how Amber's life ended!