Friday, June 25, 2010

Even Beyond Death----

Even Beyond Death Amber's Actions Weave Havoc --

Yesterday Maria called us after arriving home from work and retrieving her mail.
Amber, apparently, had been pulled over, in April, for a traffic violation --- I need to find out exactly what kind of violation --- there was a $1300 fine attached. Seems she also did not show up for court and so her license has been suspended -----

Why did Maria get this notice, you might ask ---

Well, it seems Amber must have made or had made a fake I.D. using Maria's identity  -----   So it is Maria who is dealing with the fine and it is Maria's license that has been suspended. They think it is Maria that did not show up for court. AAAAHHHHHHH ----- another con by Amber ----- another con -----that was not caught ----which allowed her to remain on the streets.

Maria has talked to detectives and hopefully it will get taken care of soon --- 
The paper work said she was to attend Open Court -- 
Which only takes place on Mondays ,in the morning. She is to be in the valley, to sign her new teaching contract, on Monday. Her license is also required --

Get the picture ------

And so it is the HAVOC continues.

 Randy and I feel terrible for her.

This latest situation has helped focus our attention again on the reeked havoc of the life she was living, and not the dynamic loved part of the person we have all been grieving.

And that is the blessing in this latest development.

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