Monday, June 4, 2012

Grouted Mosaics And Ugly Mailbox

 Yesterday I grouted the table and the stepping stone below.
They are far from perfect but I love them.
I still want to distress the table more and I need to give it a coat of wax....
Scroll on down and you will see my latest obsession.....
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 The Ugly Mailbox

When it snows in the winter and the nice plow men plow the roads, sometimes these nice plow men remove more than snow. Our mailbox, along with several others, over the years, have been taken out and dragged here and there.
When this happened the last time, my husband insisted we put up a box that would not be taken away.... thus the Ugly Mailbox.
I tried growing Ivy in hopes the Ivy would cover up the ugliness of the metal post. It has been over two years and it is pretty obvious...not working!
Yesterday, as I was grouting the table and stepping stone
( by the way, I have 33 more stepping stones which are crying out...make me pretty! ) I looked out at the mailbox and it hit me..... I need to mosaic it!
Sooooooooo, off to town I went to get stripper and advice on what the best adhesive, grout, etc. would be to survive the snowy winters here in Pinetop, AZ.
Today my goal is to get the paint stripped off and cut more tile. 
Wish me luck..
I don't want an UgLy mailbox!
Somehow, even bills are easier to handle when removed from a pretty mailbox!


Dianne said...

How did I every miss the first post about mosiacs? The table and stepping stones are fantasic! What a fabulous idea. The china is almost more beautiful broken than it would be whole. Dianne

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Your table and stepping stone is amazing. You will need to write a tutorial for us as I am completely enthralled with this idea now. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic