Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just The Three Of Us

Only Now It Is Just One....
The One On The Right....
The one in the middle,
Hazel Madeline Neill,
My Mom,
Amber's Grandmother...
The one on the left....
My Daughter,
My Mom's Granddaughter...
The one on the right
The last of the girls...
Two years ago tonight,
my daughter was killed.
Two years ago tonight, 
I did not know...
Two years ago tomorrow,
I got the call...
The coroner did not pronounce death
until tomorrow, June 8, 2010..
but in all reality,
the death certificate should have read
June 7, 2010.....
Either way,
she is gone,
I am here...
and time heals...
but even after
two years...
my heart is broken...
not broken just because
she is gone...
but broken because
even when she was here
she was gone......
and no one knew how to make
her be Here and Whole...
She is whole now
while I am still 
Even though
my heart
I love you, Mom,
I love you, Amber.

1 comment:

Dianne said...

CeCe, Hard to believe it's been two years. My thoughts will be with you during this difficult time. Dianne