Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Huge Pink Hydrangeas 
on both sides of steps
 White, Blue, Lavendar Hydrangeas
 in baskets 
all along the fence.
 Basket on railing of top deck
 The other side of the porch
 White Begonias planted 
in and old tea kettle
 Front View of the Cottage
 Dalias planted in the large front bed
 Side View

 New lattice work for climbing roses
 Close up of hanging baskets on fence
holding pink geraniums
 So tiny now they are hard to see
White Begonias planted down
 the side of the porch 
that the brick patio is laid
 Close up of basket with Hydrangeas
 Close up of some
 of the dalias and begonias
 planted in pots.
 I love, yes, love Hydrangeas
 Another view of the Dalia bed
Sweet Peas are planted beneath the trellis
Pink Geraniums in baskets along fence.

There is more planting done...
more rose bushes,
vegetable garden,
Blackberry and Raspberry plants..
So, as you can see, 
in between mosaicing 
there has been some gardening going on!

Today I am cutting more china for the mail box post..
I got the white paint stripped off of it yesterday.
I think there will just be a random mosaic, with no particular design on the post since it is so large and round. I am not really worried either about it being so even. After all, a wine glass will not be resting on it!
I will see how it looks and decide if I will put a focal on the mailbox. 
I hope you are having as nice a day as I am in the beautiful Arizona Pines!

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Dianne said...

I haven't see pictures of your darling cottage before. It is just charming! You HAVE been working in the garden girl. Everything looks beautiful. I envy the cool temps and the low humidity you must be enjoying. We are off to Atlanta tomorrow to see Neil Diamond! Dianne