Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Mailbox Makeover

Our first mailbox looked very similar
to this one,
only ours was white and did not 
have a reflector,
so, to me, it was sort of cute...


Winter came,
and one of these
took my mailbox
down the road.
This is a very common
occurrence in Pinetop, AZ

My hubbie said we had to get 
one of these:

It swivels at the bottom,
so, when we leave for the winter,
we can turn it to the side to keep
the mean ole snow plow
from taking it out.

There was just one problem..
It was UGLY!
We tried to get Ivy to grow up the 
posts, but the Ivy just didn't grow.

When I was doing the mosaic on the 
table and stepping stone, ( if you missed that 
post you can see it here )
I looked out at the mailbox
and that was the end of the ugly,
in my head.

I started to cut more china and I started gluing..
I used silicone to glue so it would withstand the cold.

Here is a picture closer up..
I was just getting started.

Now I have the post glued..

Another close up..
This took a lot of time, folks!
And the grouting... Oh My!
The china was not all the same
thickness and I didn't care since
 it being level was not an issue,
but it was worth it!

One side of my finished mailbox

The other side of my finished mailbox

Up Close and Personal

The other side up close and personal

And the front with a large flat button
from Round Top, TX
to finish it off!

I am trying to decide if I should paint the flag a lighter
shade of pink.
My husband had me look up the regulations for the color
of mailbox flags...
Pink appears to be O.K.
It was not listed like most other colors as a no, no....


The red is sort of faded, so because of the severe winters,
I am leaning towards leaving it alone.

Oh, and something very important,
I did not do the very bottom
so the post can be turned so all 
my hard work will not be
taken out by the snow plow!

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Sweet Sage said...

it's BEAUTIFUL!!... a mail~box MASTERPIECE!!!

Sweet Sage said...

it's BEAUTIFUL!! .. a mail~box MASTERPIECE!!!

Dianne said...

What an amazing transformation! I love this china mosaic stuff and you will have to post a tutorial. Very cool. Dianne

SweetPepperRose said...

This is a Sa-weet make over! Love your mosaics pattern. There must be a vibe in the air because my mail box is looking sad and am thinking about a re-do for it.