Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back in Pinetop

 We are back in Pinetop, our Summer home..

When we arrived, our little patch
of grass was dead..  :( I love having
a little patch of green! )

There now, isn't that much more inviting?
We went between having artificial grass
installed or trying the real thing one more
We had the sprinkler system reworked
and decided on trying the real thing again..
Here is hoping it will last...

The lady that lived in the house before
us was named Helen.
She died in the home.
Her husband died of cancer
I think she died of a broken heart,
along with a little alcohol
to help ease her pain.
This statue was left behind...
I named her Helen and she
watches over our home.

I always need some posies...
This year, I decided to plant mostly 
perennials instead of so many annuals.
I am hoping they make it through
the harsh winter.
Many Peonies plants and 
something called Balloon plants.
I had never seen them before.
I can't remember what these are called
but I know this particular variety is called
I put these on both sides of the deck, at the
top of the steps.
I don't know if you can see it in
the picture of the grass area
but there is one small, diamond shaped
flower bed.
My friend, Suzanne, in Tennessee,
has the most amazing rose bush. It is
a Knock Out variety.
I found one at a local nursery here and
made it's home in the diamond bed. It 
should get enough sun to do well. I am so 
hopeful it will grow to be as beautiful
as my friend and her rose bush.
And there is Helen, again, in front of a variety
of Hostas that I loved from the second I saw the variety.
There was only one, so I planted it close to Helen.
Last year, upon the advice of my friend, Janice, we planted
Hostas along the side area of our deck. We had not
been very lucky with getting anything to grow
there. It is a shady area. Janice suggested Hostas.
It took several to fill in the area and they were not the
cheapest of plants. Have I mentioned that I do not
have a green thumb?
When we returned this year, Randy and I were
shocked to see them. Not only had they survived
but they were thriving!

Wishing each of you an angel, as precious
as Helen, to watch over your life!


Nita Stacy said...

Loved seeing your pretty garden. I love hostas too..but all the ones I've planted have finally died out over the years. Other plants over took them. That flower you wondered what the name was is a gerber daisy, I believe. Thanks for your nice comment today on my blog letting me know how much you enjoy my blog. I haven't been getting things done around here like I like too and feel the blog is not very good at the moment but I'll keep trying.


Nita Stacy said...

Oh...forgot to say that I would have sent you an email but you are coming up as a no reply blogger...something easy to fix...just search how to switch from no reply blogger. It's easy to fix in your blogger profile.

Dianne said...

so glad you posed some Pinetop pictures! I have not seen any before. It's is darling! I hope to come visit one day. Dianne

Sweet Sage said...

your Love & hard work show .. what a beautiful, peaceful place to just 'be'. & i Love the story of Helen ...
miss you, sweet girl