Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun Finds

 Oh, so many fun finds!

I took a little break last week end to go to a boutique
fair being held in the local high school parking lot.
I always seem to have a need to drive by my deceased
daughter's house, each time we come to our home here.
I had to pass the road to her former home on the way to
the boutique...
there was a very large yard sale...

First up are two Ironstone dishes...
See the emblem on the back of them.
One had a little chip but I got them both for
five dollars.. Happy Face

These were what caught my attention first.
Six of them for a dollar each.
I don't know the pattern.
The back says, Warwick and has an emblem.
Below the emblem it says Made in U.S.A

I might have gotten this beauty for a quarter...

Another dollar...

See all the little bottles lining the sink..
Did I ever have fun sorting through all she had!

And what does this have to do with my finds, you
might ask?
My plant stand was too low, so I had to come up
with a solution...
I placed a stepping stone down and then put 
the one I mosaiced last year on top of it to hold the stand.
Now my plants show over the railing.

Close up of the stepping stone.

Those plates were added to the collection above 
and below.
See the little green medicine cabinet?
I plan to mosaic it on the top rounded part and the very
bottom part that is hard to see in this picture.
I plan to use it in the valley ( Gilbert, AZ ) home
when we remodel our bathroom.
I have not decided yet on a pattern.

I do most of my mosaic work on the deck.
We just had the tongue and groove planks added
to the ceiling. They are painted the same color as our ceiling
in the living area in Destin, Fl...
Sherwin Williams Window Pane.
I am sure it will be even more fun to play out there now.

And, last today, but not least,
the bench my husband painted and revived
for me.
Got it years ago on a cross country trip,
with girlfriend, Suzanne, when I still
had antique booths.
This sits in front of some roses that are
not blooming, for some reason. :(
Anyway, I have decided the back rails are
calling out to have me mosaic them, sometime in the future...
So, I still have an excuse to look for dishes...
if one really needs an excuse!
Happy Day!


Dianne said...

no excuse needed to look for dishes my dear! What great finds. Your bench looks great in it's lovely setting. Dianne

Sweet Sage said...

sweetness! can a girl ever have too many pretty dishes?!

Just a Smidgen said...

Hi, Cece!! I had to drop in and see your mosaic.. it's so pretty!! I hope you do mosaic your other piece.. I'd love to see it all done up. xxx