Saturday, July 20, 2013


Look Closely...
Actually, in the above picture, 
it looks like one of the white petals
is pointing to the egg.
I bought this hanging basket for the deck.
As soon as it was hung, I saw a couple of sweet,
little birds, flying in and out of the container.
They made quite a mess, at the time, knocking
off lots of the plant's blooms. I wondered what
they were doing and they were such cute birds,
I didn't care about my plant getting demolished, 
sort of... :)
Well, I like to water it with rain water so I take it 
down and put it on the patio area when it is raining.
My husband discovered the tiny nest, which I know you 
cannot really see, and two little eggs.
The trouble is, he dropped the basket and the eggs
toppled out of the little nest...  :(
I got a glove for him and he placed them carefully
back inside the nest. 
I don't know if we have ruined the beauty or not.
Anyway, we are hopeful.
It has once again ( sort of tired of all the rain ) been raining most of the day, so we have not been watching to see if the sweet mom and dad have been flying back to the nest.

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Dianne said...

In that last picture, it looks like the color of a robin's egg.