Sunday, July 28, 2013

Unexpected Package

Turning 66 next week..
I have hardly thought about it 
as much of the year 
I have said I was 66 already.
But, yesterday, the postman
came to the bottom of our front deck
and literally slid a package across
the deck to the door.
I thought it might be some sandals 
I ordered from Belks...
Note to self..
Check on sandals tomorrow!
Instead, it was a birthday package
from Tennessee, from Suzanne.
I was flabbergasted!
Anyone that knows me, knows I 
do not like opening presents early.
When I taught elementary school
and would get presents from some
of the children, for Christmas,
it was even hard for me to open
them before Dec. 25th!
My friend, Bonnie, is the opposite.
Some of Miss Bonnie has rubbed off
on me. She says to celebrate all week!
Well, technically, my week does not begin until
tomorrow, so I guess I am celebrating 
for over a week.
I guess when one turns 66,
one deserves to celebrate a lot
more than when one was truly young.
Anyway, to continue.....
Suzanne will tell you, throughout the
years, my greetings from her have
more often than not, been past the 
event....which was just fine with me.
You see, I got to celebrate after...and
that was just fine!
Lately, however, she has surprised me.
This time, I was really surprised....
I could not resist.
I opened it upon the spot.
I am not sure the mailman was
even out of the driveway.
I wrote a thank you note immediately, 
and it has gone to the post office
but I could not resist sharing this beautiful
package. Everything was matched
to perfection and oh my goodness, such sweetness!

 The handmade, adorable card..
 Just look at this beautiful bag and tag...
And people, this is the wrapping...
NoT the GiFt!!!

 This is what was hiding inside..
Love It...
We were together, I am pretty sure,
when we came upon this beauty,
in an antique mall, in Destin, Fl.
I have not a clue how she got it
without me knowing...

See the Bakelite across the top...

And There Is More

See that card tucked into this wrapping..
Isn't it darling and so coordinated.
The wrapping is a vintage tea towel.....
Can anyone guess what is inside the wrapping?

Oh Yes...Vintage Linen Book!
I will have many hours of pleasure looking
through this book.
I was thrilled with this special, unexpected surprise
If you happen to be reading this, Miss Suzanne, before
your mailed Thank You arrives...
One last look at all of the beauty!
Now I am off to work on a pretty big project!


Dianne said...

Suzanne certainly knows they way to her friend's heart doesn't she?

Scribbler said...

This is beautiful! Isn't it fun to get a surprise like that?