Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Story To Go With a Lot of Snow

We knew it was coming. We expected our grandson to have a snow day yesterday. The principal had forewarned the kids to check the local channel to see if there were delays or if school was being held. I knew my husband had gotten up and checked and then turned off the alarm. I knew this because when I awoke at seven it was light outside. If Chandler has school we get up at 6:10 and it is still dark. I came out of my bedroom to quiet and I thought, " Good, Chandler is sleeping in ". I made the coffee, opened the curtains and even looked out at the white grandeur. I went back to get my coffee and all of a sudden I heard the front door---It was Chandler. He had not been sleeping at all. He said he got up at six, looked at the T.V. and silently screamed for joy. He then sat down to watch T.V. but he started thinking about all the nice things we had been doing for him lately. He decided it would be a nice thing for him to go out and shovel snow for us without a reward for doing so. He had completely cleaned off the porch in front of the door, the steps, made two paths to the car ( which we had backed in and parked close to the street so he had a long path to make on the driveway. ). The street had already been snow plowed so he had cleared the berm made ,from the plow, in front of the driveway. He had started all this in the dark and was coming back inside to take a break and warm up. His little cheeks were red but his eyes were twinkling, much like Santa's at Christmas time. He was quite pleased with himself and I don't think I even have to tell you how warm my heart felt from this gesture of gratitude. One of those moments one knows why people have kids! Smile---
Enjoy the pictures and notice the cleared porch!


Sweet Sage said...

These snow pics are beautiful.
You have a lovely view!!
Miss You~

Judy said...

The snow pictures are great! Glad I am down here in the Valley!

Paris Cowgirl said...

I know it's cccccold, but the pictures are simply beautiful. How sweet of your grandson!

70 Porter Toes said...

What a SWEETIE!! It is so beautiful!

CeCe said...

Hey, Everyone, it is cold but the thoughts of great friends along with my fire in the fireplace keep me quite warm. Miss seeing and chatting.