Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well Well Well

Well, Well, Well----

It is becoming more evident I have much to learn. I am operating in windows right now on my new Mac computer. On my old PC when I wanted to delete a picture, I just chose it and pushed the delete button. That is doing nothing for me and I am tired of trying so I will just post as I uploaded and hope all will just give me a break on the pictures.

I can't believe a month is already gone in 2009 and we are well into February. I thought I would share with you where much of my creative endeavors go.

I created this long before the Cardinals were going to the super bowl.

Tag reads
Super Bowl is on the way
Regardless of the sport in season
Your referrals are always super!
This house packaging is from a kraft gable house. I painted the bottom with a tooth brush. The window show the months of Jan. Feb. and March. Each little window shows a piece of scrap book paper representing each month. The door says
Come in and smell
the scents of the season!
The package holds candles with scents for each month.
I will be creating this packaging for each season of the year.
Tag for next picture

Chandler's valentine for his teachers

Tag on product says
In the field of ---
thanks for loving us!
Packaging for chocolates
Tag reads
Thanks from the heart!
Thanks ,from my heart, for stopping by and visiting!

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