Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is In The Air and On The Floor

Here it is-February 14, 2009

Yesterday, along with my friend Bonnie, her daughter-in-law Debra, and Bonnie's daughter, Megan, we had the loveliest of days. Megan moved a year ago to PN. At the time of this move her mom and I were happy for her but not for us. She was going too far away. Megan shares our love of paper and goodies. It was going to be a loss not having her around to oooooohhhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhhh with us. When Megan now comes to town to visit, regardless of the date, love is in the air-
love for a daughter
love for a friend
love for a celebration
love for renewal and remembering old times
love for the hope of future times together
Yep, as the song goes----
love, love, love, all you need is love!

Sometimes love can be found in the funniest of places. My dad has a completely restored vintage red MG---a very special one. I am not into cars so I can not describe  and do it justice but I can tell you it is delightful. I will try to post a picture of it sometime. Anyway, not too long ago, I asked him why he did not sell it. My dad is 87 years old. My mom is 82 and is not in good health. My mother no longer drives and they own three cars. They have a two car garage and the MG sits in one of the garage spaces. When I questioned my dad, his response was perfect-----he said," Because it makes me happy every time I go by it. I like looking at it!" "Well, dad, I get it!, I replied.
Yesterday, as the girls were having their lovely day, and once again, as I spent $$$$ on paper and other delightful goodies, I thought of my dad's reply to me about the MG. For a few minutes I was feeling silly buying items that might not be used any time soon and maybe never but then I heard my dad's voice and thought yes, these things make me happy every time I see them. I like looking at them! So it is with that thought I share with you some of my happiness --- The paper and goodies evoke memories of a day shared with friends, inspiration of times gone by and yet to come and just sheer beauty to my senses. Each thing I purchased is already beautiful to me, in the current state it exists! I don't need to change it to make it better. All to often, in life, I want things changed. I think if only this or if only that. Today, and hopefully tomorrow too, I am going to be in love with the moment and what is----just the way it is! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

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Sweet Sage said...

Hope you find the 'in love' to be as inspiring as I did! Sounds like a very sweet day out with the girls!
Wishing you many happy 'moments'!