Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Sweet Story

A few months ago my cousin, Mickey, died. He died of respiratory problems. He happened to be a son of my very favorite aunt, Loree McBee. I adored her and could go on and on about the reasons why. This ,however, is not about that subject. It is about my cousin's death and the sweet story his wife told me about the his last days on earth and the days immediately following his death.

Mickey smoked most of his life. So did my aunt, by the way. Sorry, can't help but think of her when I am thinking of her son. Anyway, smoking eventually takes a huge toll on the body. Mickey was having quite the time breathing and his being became more and more difficult. Kay told me Mickey had told her he didn't want to leave her but he just was ready to go be with his parents and his dogs in heaven. Living under these physical conditions was too difficult. After quite the hospital stay and no relief in sight, Kay asked the Doctors to take away the life support and let nature take it's course. Mickey was allowed to be transferred to a Hospice center. Kay was with him much of the time and was very grateful to have Mickey spend his last days in such a caring facility. She purchased a bag of Dove candy and would eat one of these sweet treats each day. I never knew ( am not a big candy eater ) that Dove candies each have a saying tucked inside. Below you will find six days of Dove messages given to her

Day 1- Learn to say I love you in a different language.

Day 2- Have patience to the end.

Day 3-Have tranquility in your life today.

On day three a nurse came into the room and asked Kay if she would like to get in bed with her husband. She said she would love to. She did and started talking to Mickey about things she wanted to share with him. Among the things she told him was she would like for him to send her a sign from heaven that he had made it on his journey alright and was safe and sound.

Day 4- Take a deep breath.
This was the day Mickey's body gave out and he went to heaven.

Day5-Listen closely to your friends.

Day 6-Reach for new boundaries.

Kay, like me, is not very astute when it comes to all the technical operations of all our gadgets these days. Months before Mickey died, time and time again he had tried to show her how to pull up a calendar on her cell phone. She always got frustrated and just could not learn to do it. She finally told him to just forget it. She did not want to try anymore. Days after Mickey died and she went to get her cell phone. When she picked up the phone to use it, without touching a thing, guess what was on the phone starring at her--the calendar.


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Paris Cowgirl said...

Chills...I believe in those signs. Must buy some Dove Candies.