Monday, February 1, 2010

An All Day Event

Oh my goodness, gracious, sakes alive.

I spent the entire day in bed except for getting up to take pills, and all the other " necessary " trips one has to make to the rest room. Oh- and I did lay on the couch to watch 24.
Yesterday afternoon, the crud I got in December decided to pay me another visit. I truly don't know why--it overstayed it's visit the first time. I thought I had made it clear it was never welcome in my body again---ever----I am so disgusted by it all. Before the Dec. bout, I had not been sick in well over a year and now---well, just been well about five weeks and here we go again. I will be going to the Dr. if I am not somewhat better tomorrow. I was due to go back up north on Wed. but that is not happening now.

BUT--since I was in bed all day, I worked on Photoshop Elements Tutorials all day long ( except for napping ) These were scrap booking tutorials and I must say--not sure it is worth it. I think I need a real live class. Sooooo much to learn. As usual, with computer tutorials, I find some steps left out, for someone as elementary as I am. I did get through some lessons and did create the picture you see below. I hope it is sized correctly for sharing and bla, bla, bla. I had to totally skip the shadow lesson, as what I saw on her screen was certainly not on mine.How oh how does this happen? Not sure being on this Mac is helping. I just wanted to say hello to each of you and share my entire day in this one layout below!! Not much to show for an entire day but proud I at least learned something!
Thankfully all my packaging for February got completed before this current round. Feb. product is in study, awaiting pick up. Maybe tomorrow I will get a picture of it to post.
Hope you all sleep tight on this first night of February, 2010.

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Chia said...

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. While spending a day in bed can be a treat, it kind of loses it's luster when it is due to illness. I hope your health returns quickly.