Monday, February 15, 2010

For The Love of Vintage and Buttons

This picture belongs with the last two pictures of this post. (Sorry- I still do not know how to move pictures around within blogger. Drives me to ??? cuss? sometimes! Drink? Sometimes-if at night- Smile? Not likely-too frustrating! This might be the next thing I goodle! ) It is the lining for the Pink Themed Box. It is made from a vintage sheet. I loved how the soft colors went perfectly with the papers I used to cover the box. There is something to be said about "having a stash" of stuff!
The floor, the table, the couch, and anywhere else there was just an inkling of space ,was covered this weekend with hearts, roses and love. The love of being alone for the weekend and creating away ,with all the goodies I love. Well, some of them anyway. Remember all those buttons I bought in Texas? I put many of them to good use this Valentine's weekend. You will see the results in the pictures below.

Sewed buttons around the brim of this summer hat. Sitting beside it is a button bracelet. There is a better picture of it below. I covered elastic with a piece of vintage napkin and then sewed on buttons and more buttons.
Frames and Boxes were created-
Better view of the button bracelet-

Another little box-
Heart Wall Hanging
Whites and Creams Heart Wall Hanging

Little Journal or Photo Book
I added a piece of vintage tatting to the ribbon.
Back of the journal
Button Heart Wall Hanging
Top of White and Cream Heart Box
Side of Box
Vintage Trims
Lined with a piece of vintage crocheted tablecloth that needed to be repurposed.
Red Themed Heart Box
Side of Box
I gathered a long strip from a vintage tablecloth and made a little skirt for the box.
You should have seen me trying to find something to use for string to do the gathering. I have tons of string in the valley but none up here. Wouldn't you know? I was not about to drive 15 miles to the WalMart to buy some. I had some cording and I ended up taking a piece apart so I would have a make shift string to zig zag over to make the ruffle. In the amount of time it took to figure this out, finally, I could have driven to WalMart! Then I would have had to get dressed though. Smile. I spent the entire weekend in jammies even though there was not a whole lot of sleep going on!

Lining of Red Themed Heart Box
See the bright colored head band-
It belongs to Bonnie's daughter-in-law, Debra. At Christmas time she was wondering how this was done. I told her I would take it and try to figure it out. I just got around to it this weekend. Mine are not exactly like the sample but fun anyway. I used vintage binding and some ruffled green ribbon for my leaves.
Top of the Pink Themed Box
I have not glued down the heart and the L O V E letters yet.
Side of the Pink Themed Box
See the roll of trim-
It is hand beaded vintage trim. I splurged on it when I bought the buttons. At first it was hard for me to cut it and use it. However, why did I buy it if I am not going to use it? Decided it was foolish to keep not using the beauty I have to make something else of beauty.

Last But Not Least
Ta Da--

The banner on my blog was created by ME!
It isn't fancy but I am very P-R-O-U-D of my accomplishment. I spent more time in Photoshop Elements this weekend.
if I would only spend more time reading and learning about this camera of mine!

There are so many heartfelt, fun things to do.

I hope your heart is happy today.


Sweet Sage said...

Oh My Goodness Goodness Goodness.
You have been a VeRY bUsY girl!!
Stay on that LoVeLy vintage roll!

Judy said...

Who are the lucky recipients of those beautiful creations of yours??? I am green with envy! What pretty, pretty things!

Katarina said...

LOVE all these pretty things you made!!!Didn't have the idea about this blog....about moving pictures-there is no other way than doing just cut and sure to grab the whole link from one < to another > and than to place it where you prefer...LMK if you need any more help!!!!

Dianne said...

Love, the new look! Beautiful buttons find a new home, how lovely.

Alice W. said...

Ooh I love love love all of the buttons! Your creations are beautiful!

And congrats on your new banner! It feels good to figure those things out doesn't it?

As for the photos on of the things I hated most!!! But...if you you really want to do can rearrange them...takes some work in the html department and you have to make sure that you get the entire code - a bit tricky if you aren't too familiar with it. But it is possible ;)

Hope you have a happy day too!~

M said...

Love these!!! Let me know when you want to do a trade. These are such treasures!