Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butterfly Pink

Butterfly Pink

That was the name of my first lipstick.

I can specifically remember visiting my relatives in Spartanburg, S.C. about the time I was in sixth grade. My Aunt Joyce was young and very pretty. She had not been married long and had a new baby girl--my cousin Debbie. Anyway, I was spending the afternoon with them while other family members were engaged in other activities. She was taking Debbie and me shopping in town. As she got herself ready I watched her. I was at that age that made lipstick my wanted treasure. I loved the color-
yep- it was
Butterfly Pink.
I can't remember the brand. I think it was Revlon. My Aunt Joyce explained to me as soon as she got a new tube she immediately took a Kleenex and molded the top to be at a slant. The wasted lipstick was worth the gain in getting it to go on smoothly, she told me.
I was allowed to start wearing lipstick at some point in the seventh grade.
Lipstick is magical for a girl or at least girly, girls. And I was certainly a wanna be girly girl. I always loved fashion, make up and all that goes with the cover up of
What you see is not what you get!
This lead to, once wearing the full armor of make-up, not letting anyone see me without "my face on" ( a Southern expression ) Every Christmas morning my makeup was applied before entering the living room for all the gala present openings.
Now I am beyond being so vain.
What you see is what you get applies about half the time now.
It is still fun to try out new make up but there will never the the thrill of picking out and using that first tube of lipstick. Smile.

Do you remember the name of yours and the story behind it?

This is pretty close to the color.

This wish is sent to my guys, both of which I will be without this weekend. Chandler has gone with Ria to Flagstaff for the weekend. They are meeting friends from the valley there.
My honey is in the valley, enjoying the sun, playing some well deserved golf and last but not least, looking in on my dad and playing delivery service to him, as he is now in a rehab facility.

Chandler with his brand new haircut. Love it! Love him!
The latest kissing picture I have with my sweetheart.

Wishing you fond memories of your
First Lipstick
and a lovely, kissable, Valentine weekend!
I love you for taking your time to read my blog!


Chia said...

Such a sweet post. I'm sorry your sweeties won't be there to help you celebrate Valentine's Day.

Lipstick. I've only worn it a few times in my life. My mother always wore it but I just didn't pick up the habit. On the few times I've worn it someone has usually made a comment that made me feel uncomfortable about it and the tube went back into the drawer. I totally flunk at being a girly girl. :)

Sweet Sage said...

I still swear by my fav Bonne Bell Cotton Candy (pink, of course :) 'Lip Smacker' ..
started using it in 7th grade and SOOO HAPPY it's still around!!
LoVe the new header!
LoVe love LOVE the gloves!! THANK YOU!!!
More later .. off to the mall.