Thursday, July 12, 2012

Before Pictures of Our Dream Beach Cottage

This should be interesting.
My friend, Dianne, and her husband, Chris,
 from Nashville,
used our condo, in Destin, FL
over the Fourth of July week.
She kindly asked me if she could
post some pictures!
Thank You Very Much!

I have not posted before and after pictures yet.
I plan to take some more After pictures when we
go there in October.
For now, though, I thought it might be fun, 
for you, to look at some of my before pictures and
then jump over to Dianne's blog, here, ( I give you the link again at the end of this post, in case you want to wait until you have viewed all the before pictures I am sharing) and see
the after pictures she took.
I tried to coordinate some before pictures, 
in order,
but I am sure it did not turn out very cohesive.
You will be able to see the magnitude of this project though!
I was so happy to hear Dianne's appreciation of all
our hard work to make this our dream beach cottage.
I hope you will enjoy seeing it and visiting my friend!

 First up is the entryway...
See the brown screen door..
It now has a Victorian White Screen door in it's place.
I will take a picture in October and post again.
The flooring throughout the condo is Bamboo,
except for the bathrooms and it is a tile. I used this same tile as the back splash in the kitchen.You will see pictures of the flooring when visiting Dianne.
You will be seeing Bead Board with Board and Batten on top of the Bead Board, in the entry way.
 This is the Great Room..
It looks small from this angle but it is actually
a very nice size. The wall
you are looking straight ahead at is the wall
the television is on above the console featured on Dianne's blog. The wall to the right is the wall the very large vintage window from PN is hanging over a couch. I purchased the piece in Nashville when visiting my dear friend Suzanne. I think I posted the remake of all the furniture before but I will give more info or repeat myself ( which I do quite frequently these days!) in October. We had the beams white washed. We added bead board inbetween the beams and painted it Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. 
 In one of the first pictures on Dianne's blog you will notice
what looks like a cabinet door. The electrical box was originally in the closet below. We had it turned around to 
face the foyer. I had it framed out and ordered a cabinet door to match the cabinets in the kitchen to disquise the box. We did this so we could move the heating and cooling system over above the water heater. We needed more room on the right hand side as we were about to open the kitchen up to the great room.
On Dianne's blog you will see a picture of a big opening with corbels on each side. That is the opening of which I speak.

 This is a picture of a soffet that came down between the dining area and the kitchen. We removed it, as we added a couple of feet onto the kitchen.
 Here you are looking at the original kitchen from the dining area. See those cabinets... they are all gone... and some of them were not replaced. Let me see if I can explain some of this.  I don't think there is a direct picture of the kitchen, as it is now, on Dianne's blog. The cabinets all along the wall on the sink side are gone. We moved 3/4 of the kitchen out towards the great room a couple of feet. We did this by taking out another closet that was next to the closet with the hot water heater in it. That means there is a small jog right across from where the fridge is located. I chose Martha Steward White cabinets and where that jog is I put a floor to ceiling pantry. We replaced all the appliances and used Butcher Block counter tops. I used a Farmhouse sink and it is located ,in the kitchen, right below the picture you will see of the opening with the corbels.
 Picture of the ugly, tight, shower in the Master Bath
 See all of those closets on the right hand side and the left hand side. We got rid of one of them on the right so we could install a jacuzzi tub.
We got rid of the ones on the left so we could install a dresser I refinished with double sinks. You will see a picture of this makeover.
 This is a picture looking out of the Master bedroom. You can see into the hall bath and into the foyer... You can also see the useless wall extension. We removed the wall extension.

 Hall Bath
Dianne has several pictures of the makeover of this bath.
 Hall Bath
Removed the light fixture and 
got sconces which I painted and waxed with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...
As a matter of fact, this entire condo has
many pieces painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I
love painting and waxing with it...
no priming or sanding required...
Yep, you read correctly...but I am sure most of you know about it already as it is all over the blog world. I found out about it from Miss Mustard Seed.
 Dianne shows you a picture of the vintage dresser I refinished to house the new sink and hardware. I took the mirror off of the dresser and hung it on the wall for the bathroom mirror.
We covered up the wallpaper with vinyl beadboard and painted it Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, which matches the beadboard used on the ceiling in the Great Room.
All of the walls in the condo that do not have Beadboard or Board and Batten were made smooth.
We covered up the popcorn ceilings with Ceiling Tins.
 We raised the ceilings in the hallway and bath to give the place a more spacious look. It made a huge difference in the feel of the area.
This is looking out of the Greatroom area down the hall.. See that door on the right... that is the closet we took out in order to increase and open up the kitchen.

And, for now, that is it. I loved seeing our condo featured on Dianne's lovely blog. I am so looking forward to being there again and enjoying drinks on the deck.
I am also looking forward to taking some more pictures to share. Looking at makeovers is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. Now, hop on over to Dianne's here!

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Dianne said...

I am so happy to see the before pictures. Thom tried to explain how it looked, but it was hard to visualize. You guys did such an awesome job and I appreciate it even more now!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Your condo is truly lovely! You have done an amazing job in creating a comfy and beautiful space. What a wonderful place to spend time.