Monday, July 23, 2012

How's A Girl To Choose?

My First Shelf of Dishes

I also got a new app for my IPhone called snapseed. It is a photo editing program for the phone. As you will see in these pictures I had some fun playing around with it this afternoon.

My Second Shelf of Dishes
These dishes I had in the valley. They were not a complete set so I decided to use them for mosaic.

This is another set that I already had. I bought these on one of my cross country trips. See the gold rim....I put one of the dishes in the microwave...need I say more? Poof... 
Turned into mosaic dishes....

Now we get to the recent purchases.
I bought these dishes from Merchant Square, located in Chandler, AZ. I got a great deal on them and what is a girl to do when there is a great deal on dishes?????
Buy Them!!!

This set is one I showed you in a previous post. It is very much like the other set I bought. I paid a lot more money for these though.
I bought this set for the rim of the dishes. I might try to sell the focals on Etsy. I also bought this set at Merchant Square last week.

I got several plates and salad plates of this pattern. They were marked half price and the beginning price was just $2.00 per plate! Yippee....
Another set bought at Merchant Square last week.

Just look at the beautiful embossing on the edge of this plate. I got this set for the rim also. Another Merchant Square find. When I went to check out I got a surprise. This dealer was having a 25% off sale..... another yippee!
It certainly is a good thing that my husband built us shelves in the laundry room while I was in the valley. It freed up my vintage shelf pieces to hold all of my dishes for mosaic...
I bought another beautiful set on eBay... I better get to cutting some time soon. I will share a picture of those when they arrive.
It seems I have dish fever!

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Sweet Sage said...

i don't know which i like better.. the dishes or that app!