Friday, July 27, 2012

Cottage This and Thats

 This is a picture of my new shelves 
my husband put in so I could use
my vintage shelves to hold mosaic dishes.
He did a wonderful job!
And this is a picture of some of
the squirrels work while I was away.
Three torn up cushions. This is the
 second time cushion covers have been
ruined. Yesterday I remade two of them.
I did not discover the third one until 
on the deck last night for Happy Hour.
I was not happy when I found the third
cushion. They have also been attacking
the Willow furniture. AAhhh... I used to 
love is fast becoming a 
Love/Hate Relationship.
 Before shot of the ceiling in the
upstairs guest room.
The after shot....
Isn't it adorable? I found it at Ikea
thanks to my sweet friend, Kim.
She had purchased one for her new abode.
I think I might be going back to Ikea when
I am in the valley to buy another one for
a bedroom in the valley. I just love it.
It can be used as a shade, also. I purchased 
hardware that turned it into a swag. My
honey figured out how to turn it into a wall mount. :)
 Halloween in July
I have been working on packaging for
one of my Ortho girls...These are 
Halloween necklaces. They are packaged in
clear bags. I still have to ribbon them up!
Another part of an Ortho product..
These are sticker tags for a kit that
contains everything to make Oreo Pops.
I have covered up the name of the Ortho
with a vintage button card,just to protect the identity of the orthodontist for which these are being made. I sewed some vintage 
buttons on things yesterday so the card was conveniently on the table.
My dishes came!!!
I love them, I love them, I love them...
Yesterday I started playing around with
arranging dishes on the table to be mosaiced. I think I have come up with a plan. I am
now cutting.
 This is one of the sweetest
medicine cabinets I have ever
seen. The picture does not do it
justice. There is some etching on the glass
at the top of the glass. My plan is to 
mosaic the very top rounded oval. I am thinking about doing the bottom as well. I will have to see how it looks with just the top done. The paper you see inside will be removed.
This is the couch I could not resist.
I kept going back and looking at it.
It was priced at $350. I asked the mall
to call the owner and get the best price.
I have no idea where I am using it. I am picturing it painted and distressed in Old White chalk paint and covered in drop cloth material. When this will get done is questionable but I do not have buyer's remorse.
 These tables, however, I am still
dreaming about. See the insert that looks
like some kind of fake marble. Well, it
just lifts out. It would be very easy to
have a piece of plywood cut to fit the space
and then mosaic the insets..... Again...
they would be painted with chalk paint.
The end tables were only $45. and the coffee table was $55. Again... I don't have anywhere to use them really but they are calling out to me. I might have to go back and get them if they are still there the next time I am in the valley.

Guess I best get busy cutting china. Hope whatever your day holds it brings you joy!

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Dianne said...

I love your Ebay dishes too! The medicine cabinet is so great. Prefect to mosaic the top. Dianne