Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 65th Birthday To Me !

I was going to work on my mosaic table today.
It is on the deck.
What do you think?
It looks like winter, huh?
That is not snow, it is hail.
We have had so much rain and hail, of late,
my flowers are suffering...
Hopefully, this afternoon, it will clear up and I can do what I had planned!
In the meantime, I will share with you a few of my joys today...

Many, many greetings from wonderful friends via email and on Facebook...
one from a schoolmate I have not seen in over 45 years! 

Isn't this wrapping and box just gorgeous?
It is from my dear friend, Bonnie
She gave it to me when I was in the valley but I saved opening it until today. I am glad I did.
The beautiful box alone
This beautiful piece of china was wrapped 
inside the bag, at the back of the box. It is
a piece of Bonnie's mother's china she inherited.
It is Haviland and the pattern is Pink Spray.
Bonnie knows I have been doing mosaic.
This plate will not be cut!
Other goodies inside the box...
Sweet little bird candles, shell measuring spoons,
lace paper edging, and those little dishes you see..
they are actually measuring cups! Now aren't those
the cutest... 1/4 to 1 cup. Darling!
Vintage Shade Pulls
These also came from Bonnie's parent's home..
I tell ya... she must love me a whole lot...
I adore her but I am not sure if it were the other way 
around that I could part with these. They are so precious, just like my friend.
My sweet handmade card from her.
There were other treasures that she knew I would love but I edited some of them but they did not show up edited when I went to post ( remember...my husband updated my IPhoto and I still am not sure how it all works )
Another precious handmade card arrived from Dianne, who lives in TN 
Can anyone guess what this is?
It arrived from my book/magazine/loving reading friend Janice
along with these
Look at the Fire Up Fat Burn
and Woman's World...
This morning I weighed less than 102 pounds...
My friend's gifts all reflect their personalities.
I am so lucky to have each of them in my life.
And this is the present that made me cry...
And my husband held me.....( which, of course, is the best gift of all )
It is not from him... He is having my mother's Schwinn bike fixed for me to ride.....at my request... He also gave me a beautiful card that also shows up sideways, even though I edited it... I will someday learn this new IPhoto!
This present, which is on the right of the photo above is from my dearest and oldest friend, Suzanne... 
We have been friends since our sophomore year of college.
It is framed as you can see...
and this is what it says...

Dear CeCe,

We surely had no idea where life would take us...
Back in the days of dreams and dates and sleep-overs
Shoe shopping at Cain Sloan
"Fun Nights" and "hearts" at B.S.U.
Floating down stream at Fall Creek Falls
Starry, starry nights
Bridesmaid and Run-away Bride
My favorite maternity dress-blue and white stripe
Student teaching with a diaper bag
Merle Norman make-overs and hair frosting kits
Masters Thesis and onion rings
-on a barbecue grill- in the rain!

Peaks and Valleys a continent apart-but still close
Loving, Losing,Loving again
Careers and Families
City houses-Farm house
Curtains and Recipes
Long phone calls
Precious visits
Your wonderful cards and notes
My rambling catch-up letters: few but full
Grown children-Grandchildren!

Golden Years
Cross-country treks
Antiques and "junk" tied to trucks with "hog racks"
Having the time of our lives!
Mexican beaches-Whale Watching-Sunset cruise
Porches and cottages
A place in the sun

Heartbreak and Hope
Grief and Grace
Another chapter-Another Start
A quiet strength, a wider reach
A deeper faith, a fuller knowing
And We, like that "chippy" paint we love so much
Have a new beauty now
Crafted of a lifetime of experience and relationship
Of sharing, and growing and loving

Thank you my dear friend
For all that your friendship brings to my life
I am looking forward to what comes next!

Tears again as I wrote this...the words of my dear friend giving me a
 Heart warming...
 Endearing gift of love......................

How sincere I am when I say Thank You for loving me as you do.....
Each and every one of you...

In a recent email and I am paraphrasing....my friend Janice had received a Thank you note. The message read something like...
 Thank you for loving my best 
 and for accepting the rest....
 With those words I will close....

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Dianne said...

Suzi's note made me cry too. I know how close you are and she captured it all. Bonnie's gift was so lovely, but I don't think I understand Janice's gift at all.