Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some of the Fourth of July Week

 Saturday Afternoon at the Orchard in Pinetop
With Janice
 Jim, Janice's husband, with Randy, my husband
with us at the Orchard.
 Lavendar Plant
at the
Lavendar Festival

Getting here turned out to be quite an adventure.
The GPS was way off...
Took us out in the boonies and when I say boonies
I mean boonies.
I have heard tale of many meth labs being out in the boonies
around these parts and we were lost.
We had passed what looked like a nice house being built off the road. I told Janice if I could get us back to it we were asking directions. When I found it again, I pulled into the driveway which took us a little ways off the road. I was looking at a sign on my left.. Janice was looking at an old trailer tucked in bushes on the right.
The sign read:

No Trespasers
Trespasers Will Be SHOT
Survivors Will Be SHOT

I backed out of the driveway as quickly as possible.
Luckily, we made it back to the highway and Janice got us directions using her Iphone.
That was the first exciting event of the day. 
Another will be later in this post.
 Janice and I with our lavendar
You can tell, as usual, I have to purchase
a lot!
We were able to pick bundles.
I had no idea there were different varieties of Lavendar.
We purchased bundles of the sweet smelling kind.
We bought buds of the kind with which one cooks.

After the Lavendar festival, on the way home, we stopped at the Wallmart which is 15 miles from our home. I had my grocery list on my Iphone and had it out to look at my list.
We went to the rest room and I accidentally left my phone on the paper dispenser in the stall.
We got some items in the beauty dept. and then I looked for my phone..
Oh No!
Back to the bathroom..
On to Customer Service...
No phone turned in...
Called our husbands...
With my husbands phone he started tracking mine.
It was still in Wallmart.
I asked Customer Service to please make an announcement.

My husband reported to us my phone was no longer in WalMart
It was on the move...
headed in the direction of our house.
Jim and Randy left our house and started following 
my phone.
When they were getting closer to it, Jim synchronized his IPhone to make sure they were at the correct location.
I still can't believe they got my phone back.

They pulled up in front of a house that was on the Indian Reservation. A woman was unloading groceries, along with her son, who was about 14 years old.
My husband rolled down the window and told the lady he would like to have his wife's phone back.
At first she denied everything.
Jim told her we were reporting the phone stolen.
It would be no good to her, bla, bla.
All of a sudden, the young man started walking towards my husband's truck and handed him my phone.
They had taken the cover off but my phone was in tact!
Thank goodness they left my phone on and it had enough juice to last....
We have all had such a good time with thinking about the woman wondering how in the world she was found.

It was quite an exciting day.
We have also had laughs about our husbands becoming detectives.

The Fourth of July

 Fire in the Fireplace..
Yep...cold and rainy!
Our Fireworks on Jim's Ipad

We played Cribbage and ate a fabulous meal.
Hope your Fourth was as happy as ours, shared with
 great friends!

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Dianne said...

so I read your tale out loud and everyone got a good laugh! I can't believe you got it back either.