Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And From The Dining Room

Remember those leaded glass doors-
From the dining room they lead to-
This little one knows where to stay!

The Fireplace Room
Lucky kitty to have a place like this to relax!

See the double doors-they lead to the screen porch which will wait for another day.
The single door, however, we will travel through now-

This is the room I would make my studio. Notice the ceiling of sky lights?

We are now back in the fireplace room. This darling vintage half door ( yes, the top can be opened while the bottom stays closed) leads to the laundry room.

Inside the laundry room one finds another door which leads to-

Lucky puppy to have such a great place to relax.

The room the Crooks call " The Conservatory"

If you look back at the pictures of the front of the home, in my last post, you will be able to pick out the whereabouts of this wonderful addition.

I don't care what the room is called ,in my opinion, it is pure joy. I only dabble in gardening. I am afraid I am one of those people that wants my landscaping and gardens to just appear ,with maybe a little digging in the dirt. If I had a room like this I might be tempted to try a lot more digging. I would at least move my computer out to this room every now and then just to take it all in while I clicked.

But then there are still yet places I would love to be clicking inside this charmer.

Stay tuned later in the week for more.

1 comment:

Sweet Sage said...

Awesome house! Oh My!
My favorite room would have to be the fireplace room .. STUNNING!
Thanks for sharing this.
Love the kitties, too!