Monday, January 12, 2009

The Tour Continues

Remember Me?
Tucked Away

The Most Important Room Downstairs Albeit The Smallest

Another View of the Powder Room

The Second Most Important Room Downstairs
Suzi (she had her own catering business once) , Scottye and Jerry Planning an Open House

Look Closely at the Shelf Paper

Plate Rack Above the Door Entry

The Kitchen Leads to the Hallway, Dining Room and Fireplace Room

How about a close up look at the Old Fashioned Beautiful Canning

Downstairs Guest Bedroom
Look at the Darling Armoir in the Guestroom

Bath For Guestroom

Come out of the Guestroom and Go Up Stairs

Master Bedroom

Another View

Now Look at this---a Sweet Little Hideaway Room off the Master

Twin Bed for a Precious Grandchild Sleepover

Also used as a Meditation Room

Let's go back out to see the Rest of the Upstairs

Here we are back in the Master-Let's go Look at the Bath.

OOps- Forgot-Want you to see the Precious Desk-

You can Peek into the Bath from here though

Here we are

Love the Covered Ottoman

Looking Out Over the Backyard

Ah So Sweet- Vintage, Vintage, Vintage Everywhere

And More

That Window Again

Look at the Shower Curtain with the Little Ruffles

And the Last Room Upstairs-Another Guest Room/Computer Room

Want You to See the Metal Bed and the Yard Long Mirror Hanging Above

The View Outside From the Upstairs Guestroom

Another View

1 comment:

Judy said...

If I came to visit, I would never leave! I love the pics of your house!

The Mac may be better for you because, I am told, it is user friendly. I don't know. I won't try it either. I have mastered the PC, been using one for 18+ years and will NOT change over. A dear friend pokes at me to try her Mac, but I look at it and it seems like a foreign object. Good luck with it! Wish I could help you, but since I am Mac-disabled, I would be in tears real soon!

Good luck!! Keep your chin up!! My favorite saying during trying times is, "This, too, shall pass." I have kept that in mind an awful lot over the course of my life!