Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Will Miss This

I will miss my snow and the constant fires in the fireplace.

I will miss my grandson's 11th birthday on Tuesday. I am leaving a hand created card at school this morning, for his teacher, to place on his desk next Tuesday. We will celebrate his birthday next weekend. Like Christmas, we are missing his birthday for the first time. Makes me sad but------- one of my dear friends, Bonnie, has taught me to spread all the celebrations of an occasion out as long as possible. So now I am doing the same with Chandler. We will take him shopping for some golf clubs sized correctly for his body. He and his grandfather like to play golf. We have been taking him to the golf course since he was three. He is no Tiger Woods but he and his Grandy seem to have just as much fun as Tiger and his father used to have. The following weekend he gets to go snowboarding again and invite his best friend. He wants me to go and watch in the lodge. Guess there will not be golden silence this snowboarding day BUT I won't be missing out on the birthday celebration fun either. Thank you to my angel of a friend, Bonnie, for teaching me this valuable lesson. It has certainly been helpful to me this year!

1 comment:

Sweet Sage said...

Beautiful snow pic!
LOVE the stained glass.
And Chandler will LOVE your card. It will be a sweet memory for him to cherish forever!
Love To You