Sunday, January 4, 2009

Silence Is Golden Sometimes

Alright, I just don't seem to ,be able to get it right today---but that is alright! My text for Silence Is Golden Sometimes ,is at the end of these pictures. Please enjoy these pictures of the most adorable cottage belonging to the Crooks in Brentwood, TN. I took loads of pictures of this amazing home. I hope to share them all with you, a few at a time, in the upcoming posts.

The most adorable cottage in Brentwood, TN

The Crooks welcoming us.
See that rose arbor--it is in full bloom in the spring!
The foyer inside the front door. To the back you see
the entrance to the living room.
The living room
Another view of the living room
The white doors at the back lead to the back patio and grounds.
You will see these in a later posts.

Doors from the living room leading into the dining room

Dining Room

Another view of the dining room. Notice that gorgeous door
leaning up against the wall. Not to mention the vintage leaded doors
leading into the fireplace room.
Enough eye candy for now. Blogger is taking a way long time to upload my pictures! More later of this darling hideaway.

I have been alone now for about two hours. It is the first time I have been alone this long in months. All I hear is the crackling of the wood in the fireplace. It is snowing outside. Grandy has taken Chandler snowboarding.This morning we were all quite distraught. The roads were bad. A truck got stuck right in front of our driveway. All of us have been looking forward to this day. Chandler got a new snowboard and bindings from us for Christmas. Grandy has not skied in over 15 years ( he will not be able to walk tomorrow he will be so sore!) I just wanted to be alone in my house to hear the golden silence. As we watched the snow, the stuck truck, and Randy checked the roads we all thought our excitement for the fun day for each of us was not going to happen. Luckily though, the truck in front of our driveway got unstuck. The owners told Randy if he could make it off our street the rest of the roads were fine. He decided to give it a whirl. YES! YES! YES! I need some golden silence in my life. For the first hour I just walked around and picked up the house. I was just so happy to hear silence that I did not know what I really wanted to do with my time. I want a nap but I almost don't want to give away the precious silence time with being asleep! I took a picture of the snow and a picture of the fire in the fireplace to go with this post. But since I have golden silence I have run into an obstacle. I do not have my tech guy here and I am having computer downloading problems. I will have to forgo the pictures that go with this post. I am still relishing in the golden silence. It is beautiful. Let me share a beautiful cottage in TN with you. Trust me, this house will treat your eyes with much more eye candy than the ones I can't download at the moment. I hope each and everyone adds to your day's pleasure and may each of us grab a few moments of golden silence as often as possible.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot remember how I stumbled on your blog...clicking a link from Sherry, with her what am I making" give away, through the Paris Cowboy...then through someone else??? I am so sorry, but I have forgotten but the cottage photos are wonderful and that chandelier and propped door need to move to Sweden!