Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Face Is Still Red

Still no pictures-
Maybe next time!

Each week we pick up our eleven year old grandson from school ,on Mondays and Wednesdays, and he stays with us. We then take him to school in the morning. This year he has mentioned several times a little girl in his class on which he has a crush. He has told us more than once that she lives in the Country Club area ( don't let the country club title impress you---there is a country club around but the area of homes is huge and the homes vary in size and grandeur from the top to the bottom of the spectrum- here is where I would like to pretend we are on the top end but truth be told the only thing we are on top of is the altitude. Our home is at 7200 ft. ) and rides the bus. This past Monday after picking Chandler up and pulling into the entrance of our neighborhood we see the neighborhood bus just ahead. Chandler asked his Grandy ( grandfather ) to follow the bus so we could see if Morgan ( crush girl ) lived near us. Grandy complies but due to the icy roads from a previous snow storm Grandy ends up losing the bus. Yes, indeed, he loses a school bus. The driver was going much too fast, in our opinion. However,  most of the time when driving, Grandy is more than cautious. Chandler told me on Wed. I was to drive and we would follow again as he knew I would not allow the bus to escape. Soooooooooooooooooooo fast forward to Wed. and we are all together with me at the wheel. We patiently wait on the bus corral to empty. I pull out and follow all the buses. We pull in behind the bus in our neighborhood and the adventure begins. Stop after stop children get off but no Morgan. Now remember, I told you the area is huge. We have been following this bus for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The bus passes our street , at the top of the area, lets off one more child and heads back down the mountain. As we are going back down the mountain, the bus is driving considerably slower than previously. My husband, Chandler's Grandy, comments to me that the bus driver probably thinks someone has reported him for driving too fast and we have been sent to follow and check it out. On down the mountain we go but no stops by the bus driver. No site of Morgan but there are still children on the bus--we can see their heads. Why aren't any more children getting off the bus? As we are approaching the main road we decide they might be going back to the main road and pulling in another entrance to the Country Club area. Bus turns on to main drag. We follow. All of a sudden, I hear a siren, look backwards and see a cop car directly behind me pulling me over. Not only was there one cop car but three.  Now all of us are in a state of shock. The first officer arrives at my window. My husband has already told Chandler and me we are explaining why we are following the bus. Explain is exactly what we did---should say I did---not a peep from Chandler in the back seat. All of this as three other policemen and a detective approach the car. Thankfully, the first officer waved them away as he realized we were really not a threat to anyone but our own sanity. He took my license, ran it and ask us if we could understand why the bus driver would have been concerned. " Well, yes, officer!" How da  da dumb could we have been? This bus driver did exactly the right thing. Protected the children from possible harm. How did he/she know there were just caring grandparents and a fifth grader out on the hunt for where a cute girl lives. All the officers, detectives, patrol cars left. My face was literally hot all night . I could think of nothing else. I was so very embarrassed that I had not realized the situation we were causing. My husband was the same.  It was brought up over and over again. Chandler told me it was his fault---Fifth grade love---what are you going to do????? He had a few other darling comments. Shows us we are getting very old. Things are not what they used to be when we were kids. Following a bus to find where someone lived was not stalking. It was fun and cute. Now days it is criminal. We made a mistake big time. We will be staying as far away from buses as possible. I told Randy I wanted to sell Toby ( Chandler named our truck years ago) or at least have it painted so I would not stand out to the police around town. Today is Saturday. This happened last Wed. and my cheeks still get hot. What were we thinking??????? We were thinking about our sweet grandson that was too shy to ask a little girl where she lived. Well, we won't make that mistake again!!!!!!!!! Smile. At least I am getting to the point where I can smile while shaking my head at myself.  From now on Chandler is on his own with his love life! Let us all have a safe and happy day. 


Paris Cowgirl said...

Oh to have witnessed that in person! Priceless!

Sweet Sage said...

So cute!
What a memory!