Monday, April 5, 2010

Baseball Ham and Eggs

Baseball Try Outs for Little League

Experimenting with vinegar and lemon juice added to dye-
Vinegar was found to be the best additive-

Finished Product

Wondering what to do with all the left over hard boiled eggs?
Egg Na La Goldenrod-

For each person you are going to serve, make one cup of medium white sauce by melting 2 Tablespoons of butter in a heavy sauce pan. Add 2 Tablespoons flour to the butter along with a teaspoon of salt and pepper to taste. Stir so it makes a paste. All at once, pour in a cup of milk- I use skim milk -You can use whatever your family drinks--- even powdered milk. Did you know that in sauces and cooked recipes powdered milk works great? Because of all the other ingredients, you will not know the difference. I keep powdered milk on hand for emergencies. 
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Stir continuously over medium heat until it thickens. 
Before starting sauce, crack and peel eggs. Cut eggs in half and remove the yellow. Chop the white into pieces. Use at least two eggs for each cup of sauce . When sauce thickens, add chopped whites to sauce. 
Toast two pieces of bread per person served. My mother always buttered the toast - I skip the butter - enough richness in the sauce for me- don't need the extra calories!
Put the toasts on a plate, spoon over egg mixture. Crumble yellow on top over the entire mixture. Again, my mother always put the yellows in a small strainer and pushed it through with a spoon. It looked lovely but I am too lazy to do this!
We usually have this for breakfast ( I made it for myself this morning )  but it would be great at supper, as well.

Now, how about all that left over ham?

I always buy smoked ham. If you don't have smoked ham, you can buy a smoked ham hock to throw in the pot with the beans and ham, for seasoning.
I use half Pinto Beans and half Great Northern White Beans. ( Last night I used a pound of beans total but I think I usually use a pound of both kinds of beans. The leftovers freeze really well . )Soak your beans in water over night. I do this directly in the crock pot. In the morning add two chopped onions ( more, if desired but at least two) left over ham, salt and pepper and turn on high. Cook all day. Taste the broth and add more salt and pepper to taste.
I serve this with corn bread-
My kitchen smells just yummy right this minute, if I do say so myself.
Hope you have a Yummy kind of day!

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