Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Is No April Fools Joke

When I went to bed last night, around eleven o"clock, it was lightly snowing. When I awoke at three in the morning and put more logs in the wood burning stove, it was lightly snowing. This morning my car was once again covered with snow and the little angel on the wishing well was dusted. I know she is wondering if spring will ever come!

Yesterday, as I looked to my right, out the window on the porch wood pile, I saw this critter. Grabbed the camera and got a shot throught the door before---

he was off and running!

I am hoping this snow thing leaves as quickly as my visitor yesterday!

Oh yes, wanted to tell you as I drove Chandler to school on Tuesday morning-- 
smack dab, in the middle of town, on our main road, a deer ran across the highway, RiGhT in front of my car! The road was busy and how this creature did not cause an accident is beyond me. I would have expected the crossing on the highway traveling between Pinetop and the valley but it shocked me to have it happen right in the middle of town!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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Alice W. said...

aww...wish you were having the beautiful weather we have suddenly been blessed's 80 today! normally I am the one in blogland with all the snow wishing I lived where the warmer weather is...

Glad the deer made it across and that you are safe and sound!

Blessings for a wonderful Easter! And thanks as always for the sweet and wonderful comments you leave me! they make my day ;)