Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Spring

Snow Outside - Daffodils Inside

The spring time Daffodils I purchased ( yes - purchased -- they would not be blooming here in the snow weather yet) must have gotten to me yesterday. I started doing spring cleaning chores. When I was cleaning out shelves in the laundry area, I found my grandmother's silver. Luckily, it was not sold by Amber, somehow. I found it, in her garage, thrown in a metal container , which held Wright's Silver Polish. I wanted to take a picture of it before I polished it yesterday, but I had camera operating problems. What you see above are the AFTER results. I have decided it will be used as my every day silverware, starting tomorrow, with Easter dinner. I have heard that silver will not tarnish as badly if it is used everyday. We will see--

The beginning of my place setting

As you can see, our eggs are not yet colored.
Chandler had a friend over yesterday after school.
He did not want his friend to know that he wanted to color eggs. He told me kids his age did not color eggs-
I chided him a little about it-
told him I bet his friend would love coloring eggs with us  --  but, like a good grandmother should, I let it go. I told him I might go on and color mine but he asked me to wait so we could do it together --
What's a grandmother to do?
I will wait till tomorrow.
I think it will be the first time ever that my eggs have not been colored before Easter day.
New -
Yes, and sometimes NeW adds CoLoR to life! 

So, the eggs I played with last night were plastic. I filled them with dollar bills and hid them around the house for Chandler's egg hunt tomorrow. I think he will like the color of these eggs!

I am now reading the book, The Postmistress. Last night, as I read, I came across the saying I recently added to the side of my blog- Stay Calm and Carry On-
I had not a clue this was a common saying during the World Wars. 
I have discovered my reading time, at night, sitting in my bed, is probably my favorite time of the day. I read a little --- AND 

I reflect, as I look at the view from my bed. Peaceful-
I reflect about my life, along with the life of others. Often the book I am reading jars a reason for reflecting. 
I also found myself reflecting as I polished my grandmother's silver yesterday. 
My grandmother did not have a dining room. Her table was in her quite large kitchen --which looking back -- would have greatly been enhanced with an island! No such thing was going on in anyone's kitchen back in those days. But, dining room, or not, I never remember her using the silver. I found myself wondering if she did ever use it. That is when I decided to make it my every day silver ware. It deserves to be seen!

As does Springtime -
wheather at your house it is outdoors or
like at my house indoors --
Happy Easter to each and every one!


Chia said...

CeCe, I'm so glad you will be using your Grandmother's silver. To often we put things away or postpone doing things because we think they are too special for anything less than a special event. We lose sight of the fact that every day is special event just waiting to be embraced.

When my kids were pre-school age I started using my treasured crystal pitcher as our Kool-aid pitcher. Every day I got to enjoy it... for many years. It eventually broke (I was the guilty party) but it wasn't as heartbreaking as it might have been, had I only allowed myself a few moments to enjoy it over the years.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Isn't it fun to find something you never expected to see again! Beautiful silver and it will make you smile everyday! Too cute about Chandler and the eggs. Isn't being a grandmother the best? I just wish mine were closer to Arizona. Sigh...
I can't wait for that little green tomato to grow up! I haven't had a tomato out of a garden since I was a little kid and my dad had a garden.