Friday, April 9, 2010

Delima Solved

Right inside the doors of the two bedrooms upstairs, there is a place for a wall fixture. Last October, in Roundtop, Tx , the below two fixtures were found. They have been cleaned up and painted white. 
They will have prisms hanging from the points you see under the light post. 
Delima was this. The width of the base did not cover up the cut out on the wall--just not quite large enough to cover---What to do?

I cut out two circles of chipboard and went to my vintage doily stack.

I painted the chipboard white and then covered each piece with a cream doily.
Ta Da----
These are not hung yet. I do the designing. My husband does the wiring. I will take a picture once they are up , working, and have their prisims .

I am living in fear today. Earlier in the week, I was having symptoms of Altitude sickness. This lasted for two days. It did not make sense to me as I had been up here for over a week.I also was drinking lots of water. Well, the symptoms went away and I felt G-R-E-A-T on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then whamo-yesterday I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life, I was dizzy and naseaus to the point of spending most of my time in bed with my head down. Today I have a little headache but not like yesterday---but yesterday was so awful that I am fearful things will go back to that messy place again.
Not a very fun thing to post but is part of my life and what the heck-- 
Tell you one thing it did for me-
I did not eat very many calories yesterday-
something positive pulled from the negative!


Hope your day is full of smiles.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

You are oh so clever CeCe! Love what you did. Can't wait to see the finished project. Does altitude sickness strike out of nowhere? That can't be fun. Take care!