Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Two Of Using Up The Leftover Easter Eggs

Remove left over Easter eggs from refrigerator and get a size bowl which is appropriate to use with the number of eggs you want to turn into egg salad.
I love using my vintage bowls.
Cooking with "cute" stuff makes the tasks more enjoyable!
Peel the eggs and rinse in cold water to remove any unwanted remaining peel.

Chop the eggs into little pieces
Normally I use a pastry blender to do this.
I discovered I do not have a pastry blender up here yet so 
I used the original pastry blender
two knives
 Notice they are two of my grandmother's silver knives -
True to my word, I am now using the silver for everyday use-
I took all four other sets of silverware out to the car to be returned to the valley.
Yesterday, when I was frying two strips of bacon,  when I went to turn the bacon over in the pan, I realized I only had the silver forks. At first I started to run out to the car to retrieve another fork, BUT then I thoght why? This silver fork will turn this bacon. And you know what - it did and once again-the beauty of the utensil I was using made the task more fun!
There I go again-off the original story.

To use the two knives for cutting- criss cross them as in the above picture. Pull back and forth on the knives so they cross each other over and over again until you have the eggs chopped to the size you desire for your egg salad.

Salt and Pepper the eggs. I do not measure- If I was guessing, I would guess I use about a half of teaspoon of salt per egg. My family loves salt though--
Place a large scoop of mayonnaise on top of the eggs and a small dollop of mustard. ( What I show in the picture is actually a little too much for my taste.) Mix the mayonnaise and mustard together somewhat, on top of the eggs, before mixing all the way through the egg mixture.
The amount you use will depend on the number of eggs you are using. You want the mixture to not be dry but also not too thin. In other words, you want it to be just right!

After mixing it all together, decide if you need more mayonnaise for your consistency and taste to adjust salt and pepper. You are now ready to enjoy a fresh egg salad sandwich.

Now The Spin On The Subject

Let's do something different with the egg salad, shall we?
When making the egg salad, use less mayonnaise than you regularly would use when making the egg salad for sandwiches. You want to be able to have the egg salad hold a shape.
Line a mold ( this could be a small bowl or a small vintage jello mold - come to think of it , it would be cute to make individual ones for a supper of appetizers -- maybe on each person's dinner plate put  the Egg Pate', sliced cheeses, crackers, and grapes ) with a piece of saran wrap. Have the saran wrap hang out over all the sides of the mold so you will be able to easily remove the egg salad from the mold. Place the egg salad in the mold and place in the refrigerator to let it "set up" .  When I make this I make it the day before I am going to use it. Remove from fridge and turn egg mold out onto a serving plate, which had some pretty greens covering the plate.   Cover the egg salad with strained black caviar ( you can buy this in little jars at the grocery store ). Serve with crackers to your liking.

If I remember correctly, my friend Bonnie, is the one that gave me this idea.

Hope you have a Caviar kind of day!


Sweet Sage said...

Looks delish!

Judy said...

OK, I'm coming for an egg salad sandwich! Sound yummy!!