Thursday, April 10, 2008

From My Point Of View
As a little child:

The worst thing I ever did was steal a packaged set of four glass baby doll bottles from the dime store. I knew it was wrong. I wanted them. I searched for hours looking for just the right picture to post so you could see just how cute and special these bottles were. They were packaged in cellophane. I think there was cellophane that many years ago! I never found the picture that matches the one in my mind. I can still see them so clearly. I can remember paying for something. As I recall, I did not have enough money to purchase them along with what ever else it was for which I paid. I don’t remember the other item I bought. I just remember the bottles. I shoplifted. That is what it is called. I did not do it for the thrill of shop lifting. I did it because I wanted those bottles. The little lines on the glass showing the amount of formula, the little blue and pink plastic rims, the rubber nipples. They were perfect. My baby needed to drink out of cute bottles. I wanted to feed my baby out of cute bottles. I don’t remember asking my mother for more money to buy them. I would guess I did not want to risk her saying no. You see, if she said no and then I took them she would later see them and I would be in big trouble. Never did I realize I would be in big trouble ( at least the kind of big trouble a little child knows ) for all my life, simply because of my decision. Is that not the way it often is? Every time I see a picture of a celebrity ,or anyone for that matter, on television news, caught for shop lifting, my mind plays back my shop lifting experience and I feel grateful. Grateful that I was a child, grateful that I was not on the news and grateful my dime store shop lifting day ended a very long time ago.


Sweet Sage said...

Well, you're just about the SWEETEST 'criminal' I've ever known!!

Her Vintage Stage said...

I can picture them in my mind and I want them too. Forgiving our self is letting go. I too have had a stealing episode. I got caught and was told never to return to the Yankee store. My father was called and it was humiliating. I only wanted the piece to a barrett set that wasn't in mine. Thanks for sharing and listening. It wouldn't bother us if we were'nt so honest today.