Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Feel Lucky

Oh Me

Oh My

How Sweet

How D i i i i i i i i i i i ning on creativity appeals to my taste buds!

What a fun morning spent at a Tim Holtz class sponsored by Mystic Paper. I originally did not expect to be in town for this event. I was lucky enough to sign up for Industrial Grunge just yesterday. All the other classes were full. Before class, and after seeing the samples of the other items being taught the rest of the day and night, my heart was heavy and light at the same time. Heavy because I wanted to take the jewelry class so bad I could hardly stand it. Light because again, I felt so lucky to have gotten to attend even one of Tim's classes. Forget the projects ( but don't!) the personality of Tim, in and of itself, was worth the cost of the class. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance, take a class from him. Don't worry about what it is, just sign up as soon as you have the opportunity. I asked if I might purchase a kit for the button bracelet being taught. :( :( :( No more kits. The class had been created strictly for Mystic Paper. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-- Looked and looked at the sample. Nearing time for the next class, as many students for the jewelry class were arriving, I was still looking when I happened to say out loud how much I loved the bracelet. To cut to the chase, one of the girls signed up for the class expressed the willingness to work out a deal with me, for the bracelet. Her favorite was the necklace ,so viola, paid her to make the bracelet for me! Now I will have the bracelet too! How lucky am I???? Smile. I felt like I had just had my name pulled out of the box for the best prize being given away, and there were some pretty cool door prizes Tim supplied. Now, if all of this was not enough, I got to reconnect with Judy, of My Artistic Side. She was in my blog class taught by Mike Putman. Mike, need to learn more. I want to learn how to link, within my blog posts, to other sites. Judy did this for me and I would love to return the favor. Want to have an advanced bog class? I have so much to learn----like not taking a camera to class with a dead battery! The pictures I took, with my tiny camera, are not good, not good, not good. Guess I still feel lucky---there is that lucky word again---to have had two cameras with me so I could take any pictures at all. I will be posting pictures of my creations and my signed apron once my best camera is charged. To think I have been considering buying one of the new, expensive, single lens beauties and I cannot even be bothered checking to see if my camera is charged. Yep, that's part of who I am, and yep, I still feel lucky!


Her Vintage Stage said...

You are lucky. Looks like the class was fun. Have a good week.

Arcadia Living said...

Cute picture of the two of you with Tim. That was a fun day, sorry I missed out on the box class. (I took the jewelry class before that one.)